Introducing, The TwoNate Show!

We’re here because we love talking about any sport, any team, anytime. We love the walk off homer, but we also love the bunt that got the runner in scoring position. We love the Hail Mary in the end zone, but we also love the block that made it possible. We love the goal, but we also love the assist. But in the process, you’ll also notice we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Yeah, we’re passionate about the games, but it’s because they’re fun. And we want you guys to have fun too, so check back each day and let us know what you think as we talk about the games, their history, and their headlines. If we’re right, let us know. If we’re wrong (ha…whatever) then let us know too. Lets play ball!  Look for revolutionary thoughts on sports, starting Tuesday, May 27th…


13 Responses to “Introducing, The TwoNate Show!”

  1. Nates,

    Looking forward to your thoughts. I have all my blogs on Google reader so I can go to one place to read all the blogs I subscribe to (since I’m a geek). I’ve added yours to my list.

  2. All the best friends !

    God Bless

    Chris & Liz

  3. Excited about your blog as long as there are no golden underwear stories.

  4. OK you 2….I expect that you will be picked-up by ESPN w/in the next 6 months because of your accurate and precise evaluation of the sport world. Your insight will go BEYOND anyone currently on the networks……so hang on to this “new ride” for you 2. Get ready to “Play ball”, “Start your engines”, etc. Oh….have fun along the way too.

  5. They still bunt in baseball? Next you’ll tell me that they enforce traveling in the NBA and that college athletes are amateurs…

    I look forward to your insightful and delightful take on the wide world of sports. SportsGuy, watch out!

  6. should have been Nate & Nate….

    this ought to be interesting!

  7. Dadwick Says:

    After you guys make it big, I get an early retirement…

  8. Aaron B Says:

    I love the meaningless talk of sports. In fact, I just subscribed to ESPN the Mag…

    This could be the beginning some great fantasy sports.

  9. You could have named it Nate Squared, or done something courageous like called it WaterNates, and just specialized in water sports. Think about it – I’ll check in on you time to time to break down your analysis.

  10. Dude, this looks awesome! Do you think the Cubs will make it to the Super Bowl this year? I have my eye on the Supersonics, personally.

  11. All right I’m looking forward to this as I love sports but I don’t follow them so i guess I’ll get some good conversation material here while I develope an interest in following sports… Well we’ll see about the whole watching thing but I’ll definitely add this site to my list of frequented blogs!

  12. Dadwick Says:

    Who do you think will be the Cubs next quarterback?

  13. Finally a blog dedicated to the WNBA. You guys are pioneers……….without the dysentery.

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