Ten of the Funniest Mascot videos in Sports

One of the entertaining parts of every sports event is the mascots from the various teams.  Whether its a fuzzy dressed up duck, bull, sausage, or Sammy the banana slug, they present the fans with mindless entertainment.                     


Ever so often, the mascots (or the fans watching) go overboard, and cause some bizarre and funny things to happen.  So without further commenting, we present to you TNS’s top 10 funniest mascot moments in sports:

1. The Italian Sausage incident – Milwaukee, WI

On July 9th, 2003, Randall Simon of the Pittsburgh Pirates was involved in an incident involving a baseball bat and one of the famous “Racing Sausages” of the Milwaukee Brewers.  Check out this video, and pay close attention to the sobering commentary by Russ Kirkpatrick of the Milkwaukee WTMJ newsroom.  In our opinion, this is one of the classics!

 2. The Minnesota Timberwolves mascot has a playful shoving match with the Toronto Raptors mascot….That is until the Timberwolves mascot gets knocked out….Literally!  Wait until the video reaches 1:10!


 3. On May 3rd, 2008, the New Orleans Hornet mascot jumped through a hoop of fire, only for the “fire to flame eternally” causing a 30 minute delay in the NBA game!

4. During the game, the Wisconsin Badger mascot steals the Michigan State Spartan flag and run across the field with it.  He was quickly assaulted by the Michigan State cheerleading team, and sucker-punched after they retrieved the flag.  I wouldn’t want to be the Badger mascot walking into the hospital: “I was assaulted by the Michigan State cheerleading team!”

5. The Oregon Duck mascot may quack, but he also packs a powerful punch.  During a regular season football matchup, watch the Oregon mascot beat up the Houston Cougars mascot.  He was suspended from one game because of his actions (seriously!)

 6. The Dallas Mavericks mascot takes a painful tumble during a halftime “routine”.  I give it a 10 out of 10!

 7. At the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, the Reds mascot takes a spill off of a golf cart.

 8. During a Cal-Stanford basketball game, the two mascots squared off in an ugly fight that ultimately led the Cal mascot to be esorted off the basketball court by a local sheriff.  The video is grainy, but who has ever seen a Bear fight a Tree?

 9) The Utah Jazz mascot decided to scale a thin railing in the arena stands.  This would be a fall he would never forget….

10) And last but not least, here is a funny compilation of mascot pranks, bloopers, and stunts gone wrong.  Enjoy the video, and next time you see a mascot at a game, watch closely cause you may see something funny!



2 Responses to “Ten of the Funniest Mascot videos in Sports”

  1. You’re missing the most recent mascot tussle during the Summit League Tourney this year when the ORU mascot got into a fight with the IUPUI mascot.

    Pretty funny, too. WWJD?

  2. The Stanford Tree laying the smack down… love it. Didn’t that same mascot get busted for starting a fight club at the annual NCAA convention?

    And seriously, could you show your mascoted face after getting whupped by a TREE? At that point, don’t you have to just abandon the idea of having a mascot altogether?

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