Predict This

I’m really not much of a risk taker.  That’s why even in video poker it takes me forever to build up my winnings. I’m too afraid to lose even fake money.  So that’s why it’s taken me nearly half of the baseball season to finally make some predictions for the outcome of the season.  But hey, better late than never, right?  So to get some good discussion kicked off this week I’m going to give my thoughts on how the season will play out.

Division Winners

NL East – Philadelphia Phillies

NL Central – Chicago Cubs

NL West – Arizona Diamondbacks

NL Wildcard – Atlanta Braves

AL East – Boston Red Sox

AL Central – Minnesota

AL West – LA Angels

AL Wildcard – Tampa Bay Rays

World Series

Angels over Philadelphia

cy Young Award

NL – Edinson Volquez

AL – Cliff Lee

MVP Awards

NL – Chase Utley

AL – Josh Hamilton

Admittedly, I haven’t gone out any huge limbs, with the exception perhaps of the Rays.  But they appear to be for real, and they’ve got the talent to stay in the race.

What are your thoughts? Are the current division leaders likely to hold on? Or is there going to be a team like the 2007 Rockies or 2005 Astros that will make a late charge and change the playoff picture?  Or what about the MVP and Cy Young Awards?  Am I overlooking anyone who could surge ahead the second half of the season?

Let me know what you think.

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