Battle of the Bulldogs

So yesterday I’m completely focused and hard at work, as I always am, when one of our most dedicated readers points out that we here at the TwoNate show have failed to mention anything about the College World Series.  She is right, and we apologize.  As it turns out, she’s also one of our slightly misguided readers since she’s cheering for Fresno St over UGA but oh well.  Only kidding.  The TwoNate show welcomes supporters of all teams and sports, no matter how inexplicable.

But back to the CWS.  As I read this the Fresno State Bulldogs have stunned my Bulldogs by putting up 15 runs on the board.  What was a 5 run lead for UGA is now a substantial deficitt. But the game is young, and hopefully by the time I get done writing this article I’ll be able to revel in a UGA National Title.  If all goes according to plan, it won’t be the only Title they celebrate this year.

Regardless of what happens, congratulations to both sets of Bulldogs on making it to Omaha this year.  College baseball unfortunately doesn’t get much attention until the tournament, so the great seasons by many teams tends to be slightly unappreciated.

For Georgia (SEC), they came into the night with a record of 45-23-1.  They’ve rebounded in a big way from last year where they were only 23-33.  It’s their third World Series appearance in the last 5 years, and they’re going for only their second baseball National Title (the first coming in 1990). They’re 4-0 in the tournament so far with 3 come from behind wins. They’ll need a big one tonight if they want to avoid a game 3.

Fresno State (WAC) has compiled a 45-31 record and they’re making their first CWS appearance since 1991. They’ve proven to be difficult to put away as they are 4-0 inelimination games this Series.  Tonight is proving to be no different.  They’ve played UGA tough as they were a few outs away from winning game 1 and have a comfortable lead tonight.

So in a way, all is right in the world when we at least know that a Bulldog will win.  But my bias has me hoping that it will be the Athens bulldog.  Either way, both teams have had a great season and should be proud of what they’ve accomplished.  They’ve put on a great show for the fans and made those who wouldn’t have paid much attention take notice.  Good Dogs.


One Response to “Battle of the Bulldogs”

  1. Very cool. Just created my own blog and the link to your site works great. And by the by – if UGA doesn’t win tonight, I will be calling in sick to work tomorrow.

    Of course, I may be calling in sick anyway, as I have to coach a team of 22 elementary schoolers in basketball drills tonight and tomorrow night.

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