WEDNESDAY – In thrilling fashion, the Fresno State Bulldogs won the 2008 CWS with a 2 HR, 6 RBI performance by Steve Detwiler.  This marks the first time in CWS history that a team with 31 losses came in and won it all.  The Bulldogs gained momentum after Game 2, in which they overcame a deficit to eventually smash UGA.  This momentum carried over to Game 3 in which they nearly shut out the beloved Dawgs. 

Besides having 31 losses, the Bulldogs piled up 62 runs in this years CWS, which ties the all-time record that USC set back in 1998.  They also were the lowest seed in any NCAA sport to win a National Championship.  In typical understated fashion of a champion, the star of Game 3 said the following: “Everybody was having amazing at-bats and seeing the ball, I got lucky and capitalized on a few of them”.  The thing I love about sports is that you can see athletes make the most amazing plays and afterwards they state the obvious: “You just gotta put the bat on the ball” or “I was just trying my best not to miss the pitch” or “We just gotta get 3 outs each inning for 9 innings to win the game” or “well, I saw the pitch, and I hit the pitch..”  But set aside the cheesy comments – the baseball highlights were enough to get my blood moving.

The adrenaline started in the 2nd inning when Detwiler hit a two-run shot to right field.  He followed the two-run shot by a run scoring double in the 4th inning, and then an additional three-run shot in the 6th.  Fresno State relied on the solid pitching of Justin Wilson, who struck out 9 over 8 innings pitched with only one run and one walk given up.  I just have to share with you what Wilson said, because again, he was stating the obvious about his pitching performance: “When you’ve got a wonderful defense behind you and your offense is outstanding, it can’t get better than that.”

Well folks, I’ve got nothing more to say.  The Fresno State Bulldogs are champs!!



One Response to “Under-Bulldogs!”

  1. southerngent Says:

    Arrgh. I could cry. FRESNO? This is like the Royals suddenly busting to the top of the Majors.

    At least this removes some of the pressure on the UGA football team…

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