Viva Espana!

Spain defeated Germany for their first Euro Cup in 44 years in front of a packed crowd in Vienna, Austria.  Their 1 and only goal took place at the 33rd minute of the match by Fernando Torres.  Spain took advantage of their possessions by shooting on goal 8 times, but having the actual possession for less than 50%.  There is a sense in which this win by Spain has awoken a hibernating bear out of its slumber.

As Spain hadn’t won a Euro Cup in 44 years, they started to build a reputation as a team that couldn’t finish the job, or a team that chokes in the spotlight.  It kindof reminds me of the Chicago Cubs, except their drought is more than twice the length of what Spain’s was until today.

For football fans worldwide, I’m sure there is disappointment that the games are over, but no fear, its only another 2 years until the World Cup begins again, and this time It’ll be in South Africa .  VIVA ESPANA!! 

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