Brett Favre – another comeback?










ESPN’s Chris Mortenson reported Thursday that Brett Favre could be interested in coming back for another year as the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.  He evidently spoke to the head coach of the Packers about a potential return.  Mississippi’s Sun Herald approached Favre about this possibility and Favre said “It’s all rumor”.  As many of you can remember, Favre did they same thing to a lesser degree before the Bears vs. Colts Super Bowl in 2007.   After beating the Chicago Bears in the regular season finale, Favre gave an emotional tv interview where it was unclear whether he’d return or not.  As we all know, he ended up returning, and led the Packers to the playoffs.

What is to make of Favre wanting to comeback to Green Bay for another season?  Last year, Favre threw for 4155 yards, the best since 1998.  His completion percentage at 66.5 was the best in his career.  His QB rating was the best since 1996.  He also led the Green Bay Packers to a NFC North Division Title.  If Favre were to comeback, he could easily repeat these numbers like many years before.  Enter a second storyline.  Aaron Rodgers, the heralded future quarterback of the Packers, was recently interviewed in Sports Illustrated.  Rodgers said the following of the Packer fans: “I don’t feel I need to sell myself to the fans.  They need to get on board now or keep their mouths shut.”  This may not be the way to handle the beloved cheeseheads, who will have rather high expectations for their new quarterback.  Rodgers attempted to backtrack his comments by saying, “I do care deeply about the fans and I think anybody who has been to training camp and sees I’m a lot of times the last one out signing autographs sees I care about their opinions”.  He later added that he didn’t want anyone to be offended by his previous comments.   

With the foolish comments from Rodgers, would the fans be willing to embrace Favre for another year?  On one hand, fans could relive another year of hype with Favre at the reigns.  On the other hand, could Favre’s legacy be at risk?  Should he return, and should the Packers play poorly, then his return would be an embarassment, and he may have to consider playing ANOTHER year to make up for his poor comeback year.  A team source said the following: “That’s speculation and I wouldn’t go there.  We value Brett’s legacy, we think he values it, and we’d want to protect that.  Brett’s a high quality person and he’s not going to push it that far.  He’ll do the right thing and stay retired.  This was almost predictable, the idea that Brett woul get the itch to play as we get closer to the season.” 

You’ll have to read the articles yourself to make up your mind on this one.  Personally, I feel that Favre should stay retired.  Their whole team has developed a new offense for Aaron Rodgers, and there would be some “huddle tension” that would need to be worked out if Favre came back.  On top of that, I feel that this paints Favre in a poor light.  He already made a decision that he was retiring, the Packers have planned accordingly.  The fans have already finished their grieving, and I’m sure several fans have given up their season tickets because Favre retired.  Now do you think they’ll call up the Packers and demand their season tickets back, should Favre return?

I know I am biased since I am a Bear fan.  But Favre should retire, to avoid making himself look foolish.  Brett, let your legacy stand and hang up your cleats!


4 Responses to “Brett Favre – another comeback?”

  1. southerngent Says:

    Be honest, Nate – you want Favre to stay retired from the Packers to prevent him from beating your time one more time.

    But what about this: what if, and this is mere speculation, the Pack decided that Favre’s era was over in the Bay, and if was determined to come back, it would have to be for another team. And also say, again as mere speculation, that No. 4 could be had for 2nd round pick, or some combination of low round picks. And (and this is where this becomes fantasy rather than speculation) da Bears are the team that pushes the best offer across the table.

    Should Brett still stay retired then?

  2. twonateshow Says:

    No way – Having Favre in Chicago would be a major no-no. I’d rather have 3rd stringer Kyle Orten play. That would be like making the new UGA mascot a yellow jacket.

  3. Danny Frasier Says:

    Brett should return for another season, but only as a Packer. It’s also rumored that he could return with another team. I pray that never happens.

  4. nathanelwell Says:

    Danny, I agree with you. It’d make the cheeseheads sick to see him in a different uniform. If the Packers were smart, they would listen closely to Favre, because if he is talking with another team, they could look foolish quickly!

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