Checking in with the Bloggers

First off, I just want to say thanks to Nate “Phubbbbbs” Elwell for his excellent work carrying the whole blog last week while I was out of the country.  So to thank Mr. Elwell, I would like to lead us all in an appreciative golf clap.  Seriously, Nate did a great job and I hope you all enjoyed the wide array of topics he covered last week.

With that in mind, TNS would like to use this post today to just check in with our faithful bloggers.  We know you’re out there – we have the stats from to prove it.  We know every move you make on our web site.  The Patiot Act ain’t got nothin’ on our stat tracking capabilities.  Just kidding….or am I.

Anyways, we would love to hear from you all and let us know what you think of the blog so far.  I would say that you may feel free to be brutally honest, but that’s not entirely true as we put a lot of work into this and would rather not have our creative efforts and aspirations crushed under the steel toe of public opinion. Sorry, this is what happens when I write my blog on minimal sleep…

But we really do want to know your thoughts.  This blog is just as much for you as it is for us, and we want to make sure we’re covering the topics you’re interested in.  So if there’s anything you want to hear more of then let us know.  If you want us to try a different format let us know. If you think we’re hilarious, knowledgeable, and doing a good job, then definitely let us know so we can send you a free autograph in the mail.

Thanks for being a part of the blog, and we look forward to hearing from you all!


4 Responses to “Checking in with the Bloggers”

  1. Love it, love it, love it.

    So much so, I started my own dadgum blog. Thanks for the wit, stats, humor and inspiration.

    You two gentlemen are stars in the making.

    Now, if you could just use some of your contacts to get interviews with some prominent sports figures… like a certain ATL pitcher, or a certain ATL kicker…

  2. Dave Weber Says:

    I will use the “sandwich method” of constructive criticism.

    Great work, both of you on the blog. I have it in my Google Reader, so I see whenever you have a new post. They’re well-written, informative, and witty.

    (Constructive Criticism)
    One thing I sense is that there’s an underlying attempt to be as diverse as possible (perhaps too diverse) with respect to the number of individual sports that are covered. Although maybe it’s just that way now because of some big happenings in sports other than basketball, baseball, and football (i.e. Olympic trials, Wimbledon, etc.)
    Call me sexist, but I’d be happy reading 20 NFL posts for every 1 WNBA or post.

    Another great thing is that you’re not afraid to share your opinions, even if they’re unpopular, which I think is great (i.e. your statement about if an Englishman doesn’t win Wimbledon in the next 10 years to move it to a country that CAN produce a winner).

    (End of constructive criticism sandwich)

    By the way, what are your stats? # of visitors, etc.?

  3. I heartily agree with the gentlemen above (even Mr. Weber’s sandwiched CC – however, I think I’d rather have too much variety than too little. One probably could post too often on the Atlanta Braves…). You’re always an enjoyable, informative, entertaining read.


  4. I enjoy starting my day with TNS, although I’m guilty of skimming blogs I find uninteresting (i.e. anything not having to do with college/pro football, or questions about athletes responsibilities off the field). Great Job.

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