Tampa Bay Streaking Rays?








It is now July 10th and the Tampa Bay Rays are in 1st place in the AL East division.  “1st place?” you say… “AL East?” you say…  I know it is hard to fathom.  But the team that hasn’t ever had a winning season is not only in 1st place, but is 2 games ahead of the Boston Red Sox, 6.5 games ahead of the New York Yankees, and if the season ended today, the Rays would have the best record in the ENTIRE Major League. 

You may ask…”Aren’t the Tampa Bay Rays one of the marine life exhibits at Busch Gardens?”.  That may be the case, but believe it or not, they are also a Major League baseball team that actually has LIVE humans that can play baseball.  And they play it very very well.  If you can fathom it, the Rays have won 55 game during this season, and they have already tied the number of wins in the TOTAL 2002 SEASON.  They aren’t even at the all-star break.  Thats right you heard me – the Rays only won 55 games back in 2002.  I mean, who wouldn’t route for a team that has a guy named Evan Longoria?  Isn’t he related to that actress who is married to that basketball player?  No.

There is something to say about a team that has finished in last place in their division for 9 out of the last 10 years, and now are in 1st place just before the All-Star break.  I believe that I have figured out their strategy to this year’s winning season.  The last 10 years, they have had a top 10 pick in the 1st round of the amateur draft every year.  The lowest pick that they had was in 2005, when they obtained Wade Townsend as the #8 pick in the first round.  They have had the #1 overall pick 4 separate times, their first #1 pick being Josh Hamilton (unlucky for them, he now plays for the Texas Rangers).  Back to my theory…  Could it be possible that the Rays intentionally lost an average of 90-some games each season because they wanted a better draft pick?  But if a player is drafted high, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will play well, right?  Mike Piazza was drafted in the 62nd round and look what he accomplished – he could become a HOF’er.

It is exciting to watch a team like the Rays.  They have made just about every sports writer look foolish, and they also have attracted attention away from the Bo Sox and the Yanks.  Picture this: A World Series match up between the Chicago Cubs and the Tampa Bay Rays.  or even better, what if the Astros played the Rays in the World Series.  Then, they would be playing in Tropicana Field and Minute Maid Park.  Who would’ve thought that two stadiums would be named after fruit drinks? 

The world really must be ending.  The Chicago Cubs are the best team in the National League, and the Tampa Bay Rays are the best team in the American League.  Hell must be getting a bit frosty!


2 Responses to “Tampa Bay Streaking Rays?”

  1. Tampa Streakin’ Bay. Who’d have thunk it?

    Personally, I love seeing the Rays sitting pretty. Anything that makes the Yankees look foolish is all right with me.

  2. Thanks for the post

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