Good Eats in the Cheap Seats

Someday, we at the TNS would like to blog about a tour of all the MLB stadiums.  However, at the moment that hinges on one of us winning the lottery, so it may take some time.  In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of some of the best food we have eaten or would like to eat at baseball parks.  This may perhaps seem like a strange idea for a post, but we thought of the idea when we were hungry. And there’s no turning back once the idea has been proposed.  It’s a rule or something.

So for your Sunday enjoyment, here are some menu ideas for when you make it out to a game near you.  Two things to keep in mind: they’re in no particular order and these days said items will probably cost you your first born or your 401(k).

1.  Skip & Pete’s BBQ (Turner Field) – It’s barbecue. Need I say anything else? Ok I will. It’s got peach flavored bbq sauce and it’s named after the two Braves Hall of Fame announcers.








2.  Balitmore Crab Cakes (Camden Yards) – Remember the days when your dad used to take you to the baseball game and you’d snack on peanuts and…..crab cakes? Yeah me neither.  It may not be quite like baseball and apple pie, but a good crab cake is a good crab cake.







3.  Italian Sausage (Fenway Park) – It would have to be worth it just to hear the vendor say “saaaasage.”








4.  Gino’s Philly Cheesesteak (Citizens Bank Ballpark) – I’ve eaten at the original Gino’s in Philly and it’s amazing.  It may be a heart attack on a hoagie, but it’s oh so good.







5.  Grilled Beef and Chicken Fajitas (Minute Maid Park) – You’d think the specialty of this park would be orange juice, but the Tex Mex cuisine s actually one of the bigger draws there.  I’d like to have a fun bet with myself and order a different menu every time the opposing center field trips over that ridiculous hill in center field.







6. Connie’s Pizza (Wrigley Field) – In the dark hallways of the Friendly Confines, fans are treated with the warm aroma of Connie’s Pizza, a Chicago classic.  Personal pizzas are bought piping hot and fresh.  So good!








7. Cheese Curds – (Lambeau Field) – Once you get past the fact that your fingers and toes are going numb, you can enjoy the warm and crunchy aftertaste of cheese curds, served by the cheeseheads themselves!  Anyone want Brett Favre back?








8. Gates BBQ (Arrowhead Stadium) – In one of the greatest BBQ havens in the country, you can have the luxury of finding arguably the best BBQ chain in KC.  Try the ribs, which will undoubtedly drip down your arms until every last bite is gone!  Bring an extra t-shirt, too.








9. Maxwell Street Polish – Comiskey Park (now the tortorously named US Cellular Field) – If you go to watch baseball in Chicago, and you are wanting some good food, you will definitely find it at Comiskey Park.  Try the Maxwell Street Polish which was invented in Chicago.  The vendor will frown if you don’t ask for everything – Grilled onions and mustard – yummy!






10. Garlic Fries (Safeco Field) – The second you walk into Safeco, you’ll smell the sensational aroma of Ivar’s Grounder Garlic fries.  The mixture of garlic, salt, and parsley makes the mouth quiver with anticipation.  Co-workers will recognize where you were if you try these deluctable treats.








Clearly there is a lot of great food to be eaten.  Once the blog takes off and NewsCorp purchases the site for $500 million, we’ll start that tour and be sure to test out each and every menu item so that you all can know what to pick next time you go to the game.  I know, it’s very generous of us.  But we’re thoughtful like that.  And now, I must go eat….

One Response to “Good Eats in the Cheap Seats”

  1. You mentioned cheese curds. If they came from the “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin” at Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery – then you had the BEST! The Governor of Wisconsin gave them that title! They are so squeaky good and are made from rBST free milk! Look at their web site about all the ways to enjoy cheese curds! And don’t forget to microwave for 15 seconds to restore the squeaky freshness – plus the flavors burst when they are warm! YUM!

    Their premium 100% All Natural Cheddar Cheese Curds are the color of fresh milk: White.
    Question: “Did you ever drink a glass of orange milk?” Look for the white cheddar morsels!

    If you are at Miller Park in Milwaukee for a Brewers Home Game – you have to try the fried cheese curds! Or at an A&W Restaurant! Yum!

    They are also sold in grocery stores – Some deli sectionsl Just ask for Ellsworth Cheese Curds!

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