Entertaining Pictures from the Sports World

The old cliche “A picture is worth a thousand words” is true, especially when it comes to the world of sports.  Throughout the current history of sports, you can guarantee that there is a camera or camcorder somewhere recording something embarassing, entertaining, or funny.  Dennis Rodman kicked a camera man where it counts, and perhaps he was paying this gentleman back for all of the horrid pictures of Rodman that were forced upon the public.  Cameras have caught players picking their nose, and they have even allowed some teams to steal signals from the other team.  (I wont mention the guilty team by name, but they rhyme with bew tengland datriots).  Below, you will find a series of pictures that I found that stand out as some of the most funny and entertaining pictures in sports.  As always, the list could be exhaustive so I’ll limit them to a few.










Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to see David fight Goliath.  This gives me a great idea of what it looked like.










I think this rotund football player just tried the “drink a gallon of milk in one minute” challenge.










Is there a draft around here somewhere?









This unlucky football player thought that he should butt the ball with his face instead of the top of his head…










This picture puts “washing your mouth out with soap” to a whole different level.










I’ve got nothing to say after seeing this picture…










Anyone want to pop a wheelie?


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