Tex On the Move

Clearly, GM Frank Wren reads the TwoNateShow.  How else do you explain the fact that he traded Mark Teixeira on the day we talked about the Braves being sellers.  Coincidence? I think not.  Ok, maybe a little. 

But to the surprise of no one, the Braves shipped off Mark Teixeira to [What city are they in] Angels. I think both teams made out pretty well in this deal. 

On the Angels part, Teixeira is a power upgrade from Casey Kotchman.  He’s also tends to put up monster numbers in the second half of the year, which is exactly what they need as they look towards the playoffs.  The Angels have to be considered the team to beat this post season.  They already had the pitching, and now they’ve upgraded their lineup.  In terms of the offseason, the Cherubs also appear to be in a comfortable position. They have a good chance at resigning Tex, but if they don’t, all reports indicate they have a good young prospect who could be ready to go next year. 

For the Braves, the initial sting of being sellers for the first time in 17 years hurts a little.  But it needed to be done.  This year season has been marred with injuries and inconsistency.  It was becoming clear they had little chance, if any, of bringing Tex back this offseason.   weren’t going to get anything close to the amount of talent they gave up to get him last summer, but I think they did very well.  Kotchman is a very solid firstbasement with the bat and the glove, and he’ll be affordable for a few years.  He doesn’t have the power of Teixeira, but he’s got pop and he’s driving in runs.  He’s tough to strike out, which as a poster on the Dave O’Brien beat blog pointed out is key in this Atlanta lineup given their difficulty in getting clutch hits with runners in scoring position. 

The Braves are adament that they’re not rebuilding for a couple of years from now but retooling for next year.  They have some huge holes on the team due to injuries and expiring contracts, so it looks like it could be a busy offseason. 

A lot of people are expecting that lefty Will Ohman will be traded before the deadline, but I hope they decide to keep him and resign him this winter.  He’ll command a significant raise, but he’s been on of the few consistent arms in the ‘pen, and they should have some financial flexibility next year. 

One big name down as the league approaches the deadline. Who will be next?


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