You Might Be Addicted to Sports If…

1.  …you cover your mouth with a clipboard whenever you talk.

2.  …after a frustating day at work you beat the office water cooler with a bat.

3.  …you can’t get up from a fall without someone helping you.

4.  …you use a stationary bike to stay sharp when it’s not your turn to talk during a meeting. 

5.  …when you get to work, you kneel down by the recption desk and wait to be buzzed in.

6.  …you ask people for a time out so you can tuck in your shirt.

7.  …you walk around with a camcorder and tell everyone it’s the “Kiss Cam.” Then you laugh hysterically when you put it on two guys that annoy you. 

8.  …every time you disagree with your boss’ decision you throw a red bean bag at them.   

9.  …when your family asks you what movie you want to go see, you touch your nose and ear three times, tap the front of your hat, and then run your hand down your arm. 

10.  …no matter what question you’re asked you respond with, “well you know you just gotta go out there and do your best.”


5 Responses to “You Might Be Addicted to Sports If…”

  1. twonateshow Says:

    Thanks Wolgs – I had fun putting it together!

  2. When you successfully complete a big project, you dump the water cooler on your boss.

    You were told given a warning for having a wardrobe malfunction during one of your lunch hour performances.

    Finally, your boss fired you after reading the TNS blog while you supposed to be working!

  3. I’m dying to give this a shot:

    …you slap your co-worker on the butt after he makes a copy.

    …you wear eye-black to team meetings.

    …you tuck your work pants into your stirrups.

    …you wear a rally cap after lunch to keep everyone awake.

    …you try and start the wave in the john.

    …you spike your laptop after a particularly good email.

  4. twonateshow Says:

    Awesome additions guys! As for the wave in the John, I find it distracting enough when someone whistles or tries to carry on a conversation in the bathroom. If people start doing the wave I’ll be in serious trouble.

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