Saturday Morning GM

As you all know, I’m a loyal reader of the Dave O’Brien Braves blog on the  He does an outstanding job, and there’s usually some great insight from some of the readers as well. However, the thing that always makes me laugh are the suggested trades that people keep throwing out there.

A lot of fans seem to think that other teams are somehow looking to be fleeced at the deadline.  Someone will suggest something along the lines of trading Scott Thorman (the Braves firstbasemen in AAA) for Albert Pujols.  Sadly, that example is not that much of an exaggeration.

All that to say, it’s easy to sit back and second guess a GM on a daily basis.  Which is why I’m going to do it right now and give me two cents on how the trading deadline went.

I think the teams that made the big deals made out alright.  The Angels would have won the division without Mark Teixeira, so his value will be determined in the playoffs.  The Yankees needed a catcher, and what they want to get so they ended up with Pudge.

The Sox needed to get rid of Manny’s attitude, and I think they pulled off a good deal to get Jason Bay in return.  The prospects the Pirates received are good and should help them as they continue their 16 year rebuilding period.

The White Sox picked up Griffey which sounds impressive on paper.  There is the small issue of where he is going to play and when but his presence on the team certainly can’t hurt.

Teams like the Phillies, Cubs, and Brewers had already made their big moves a few days in advance and I think all three made good pickups.

However, I think the bigger story in all of this is the teams that didn’t do anything.

The Diamondbacks were in the running for Tex but wouldn’t match the value that the Angels offered.  Their inability to pull the trigger on a trade is now glaring given with the Dodgers did.  I think the advantage in that division has to go to LA.

In the AL East, the Rays were rumored to be in discussions in a few trades but weren’t able to do anything by the deadline.  They’ve certainly held their own in that division, but with the Yankees and Red Sox both made good moves to help the team, I think it would have been great to see Tampa Bay address some needs.

In the NL Central, the Cardinals surprised a lot of people by not making a move. They needed some relief but were unable to get any.  However, their pitching staff is getting a big lift with the return of Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainright, which as GMs like to say, is like making two big trades.

Finally, the Mets – the pride of Flushing, NY – didn’t end up addressing their needs in the outfield and pitching staff.  They’ve been playing well since Will Randolph was raptured from his job quite literally like a thief in the night, and they still have a strong chance to win the division.  But as in the case of the Diamondbacks, they’re failure to make any moves may end up costing them in the long run.

So what do you all say? Will the teams who didn’t make moves pay the price for it in the standings? Do the trades change your thoughts on who will make it to the playoffs?

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