A Favre Out Scenario

Brett Favre is back.  “For what reason?” you ask…  Well, that is still to be determined.  Barring a disaster, Favre should be back for a 17th year as the starting QB for the Packers, but he’ll at least have to compete for his job.  The competition will involve, and I’m not making this up, a 1 minute cheese curds eating competition, as well as a test to see how quickly Favre’s beard grows back when he shaves.  Favre will be officially reinstated by the Packers today at 1:00PM ET.

The whole Favre-gate drama changed from just weeks ago when Packers GM AND head coach said that Aaron Rodgers would be the starting QB, period.  Now, Packer’s President announced (with his tail between his legs) that “having crossed the Rubicon once when Brett decided to retire, it’s very difficult to reorient our plans and cross it again in the opposite direction — BUT we’ll put this to our advantage”.  “PUT THIS TO OUR ADVANTAGE”???  That is putting it lightly.  Once you set aside the fact that Favre probably went against his word and also called the Packer’s bluff, this will only put the Packers from a Rodger’s led last place finish to another NFC North title.  

From a statistical standpoint, having Favre back will only make the Packers better.  He just came off a year in which he threw over 4000 yards for the first time since ’99.  Sure, it may take a couple of weeks for the team to rally around their old leader, but once they step foot into Lambeau, the green and yellow blood will get moving again.  Supposedly, it is still up in the air as to whether or not Favre or Rodgers will take the starting QB job.  Even if Rodgers gets the starting job, it’ll only take a couple of sacks before the face-planted Rodgers will be wheeled off the field and Favre will take over.

There still is a slight chance that another team could trade for Favre, but why would the Packers give him up?  They already have dejectedly “invited him” to training camp.  They might as well just let the man play.  If he plays horribly, then the Packers can chuckle at Favre’s misfortune.  If Favre plays well, then the Packer’s brass looks great, because they showed the Green Bay faithful that winning was their greatest desire for the season. 

The Onion Newspaper put it best when their headline read: “Favre: I’ve always had a passion for stopping things, then starting to do things again”.  Give this headline a read – it is funny and has alot of truth to it.  But Favre will be back for another season, whether the Packers like it or not!


One Response to “A Favre Out Scenario”

  1. southerngent Says:

    Benny and the Bretts. I think New York will be a nightmare for number 4.

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