Name That Stadium

One of the many things that makes a professional sport exciting is the stadium where the game takes place.  A fan can’t help but quiver with anticipation each time he or she steps foot into the “holy grounds” where a game takes place.  The sights, the smells, the fans, the Wrigley Field urinals…  Everything is so exciting!  But the one aspect of the game that gets me riled up is when it takes you 1 minute to tell the cab driver which stadium to take you to because the name has changed so many times.  Here is a real life conversation, and I’m not making this up:

Cab Driver: Where you goin’?

Joe Schmoe: Take me to Riverfront Stadium…..No wait….Cinergy Field….

Cab Driver: I don’t know where you are talking about.

Joe Schmoe: Yeah, you know, where the Cincinnati Reds play, isn’t it Skyline Chili Bowl or something like that?

Cab Driver: Oh, you mean the Great American Ball Park?

Joe Schmoe:  Thats the one!  What a great name, so cool that the stadium has such a patriot name to it.

Cab Driver: Thats the name of a bank, dummy.

Seriously folks, some of the names of stadiums out there crack me up.  The Astros used to play in Enron Field until, well, you know…  So they renamed it Minute Maid Park.  It is affectionately called “the Juice Box” by ESPN.  Mile High Stadium in Denver was a long time symbol of the Broncos faithful fans, until they changed the name to….”Invesco Field at Mile High”.  It is hard to tell whether you should be going there to watch football or short sell your stock.  And there there is Petco Park in San Diego, also called “the Pet”.

I can picture it now.  Major League Baseball decides to expand another team by placing one in Nashville.  The team’s name is the Nashville Stars.  The marketing and public relations group for the team gets together to decide who will buy the rights to the new baseball stadium.  Here is a list, and I’m not making this up, of possible stadium names:

1.  Depends Field

2.  Ammodium AD Stadium

3.  Nare Dome

4.  Sponge Bob Stadium

5.  Tydee Bowl

6.  Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Field

7.  GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Stadium

8.  Ballpark Stadium

9.  Gas-X Dome

10. Jack Daniels Field

Ok, I am out of names.  Any out there that I forgot??


4 Responses to “Name That Stadium”

  1. It all makes you respect the KC Royals (playing at Kauffman Stadium named after their initial owner) and the KC Chiefs (playing at Arrowhead Stadium) just a bit more, doesn’t it?

    Or does it just mean that no company can justify spending marketing dollars on the naming rights of two (very) mediocre franchises?

  2. southerngent Says:

    An MLB team in Nashville, eh? First of all, I’m not so sure they would be called the Stars. Maybe the WifeBeaters or Cowboys (although there aren’t that many cows in Nashville).

    I think that some of the corporations willing to take a swing at a name license might read like this:

    – Old No. 7 Field
    – Chet Akins Field at the Grand Ole Opry Ballpark
    – Lifeway Christian Baseball Stadium (with little devotionals in every seatback!)
    – Country Legends Ballpark (with the official Dolly Parton pitcher’s mound)
    – Deliverance Community Stadium (wooo, pig, sooie!)
    – Hank Williams Field at George Jones Stadium in Johnny Cash Park

  3. Dave Weber Says:

    Actually, Great American is an insurance company, not a bank, but the punchline still works. Allison has a friend that works there.

  4. twonateshow Says:

    Oops! I guess I got my facts wrong. Cincinnati is the city of banks, is it not? Oh well. And well put, Wolgie. I enjoy Kauffman Stadium, but only because of the BBQ.

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