Summer Olympic Preview: U.S. Men’s Football (Soccer)

Before I begin my post on the U.S. Men’s football team I’d like to share a “football joke” with you:

Q: What did David Beckham have for breakfast this morning?

A: Who cares.

I don’t even think Beckham is in the Olympics.  But oh well… On to football news!  The U.S. Men’s Football team begins its action this morning as they face Japan in in Group B.  In fact, by the time that you read this, the game will have already been over.  It started at 5:00am this morning.  The football matches may not be as big as the FIFA World Cup, but the U.S. team has something to fight for: they have only won a medal ONCE since football became a sport in the Summer Olympics, back in 1900.  The U.S. placed 3rd AND 2nd in the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis.  This was evidently before the creation of one “national” team, as the U.S. placed 2 separate teams at the medal stand, neither of which were identified as “International Teams” (whatever that means).

But back to the present.  The last time the U.S. even participated in the medal round was in the year 2000, when they placed 4th behind Chile.  So needless to say, the U.S. team has its work cut out for them.  But they may have the advantage.  The U.S. team has the youngest average team age, even with a 37 year old forward.  The Japan national team scored the bronze medal during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.  The last time that the U.S. faced Japan in the Summer Olympics was in 2000, as the U.S. outlasted Japan in penalty kicks after a 2-2 tie.

The U.S. men will follow their match against Japan, facing the Netherlands, and then Nigeria.  Between Nigeria and the Netherlands, there are 1 gold medal and 3 bronze medals.  It is debatable, however, whether or not the U.S. team will even be able to breath on the field, since Beijing is known for its pollution.  In fact, earlier yesterday, members from the U.S. Cycling team were seen wearing protective masks.  Back to football…And for one more football joke before this post ends:

Q: If David Beckham were one of the Spice Girls, which one would he be?

A: Waste of Spice


One Response to “Summer Olympic Preview: U.S. Men’s Football (Soccer)”

  1. Dave Weber Says:

    “Q: What did David Beckham have for breakfast this morning?
    A: Who cares.”

    HA! Well put.

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