Michael Phelps wins Gold in the Men’s Individual 400M Medley!

Phelps is on his way to history with a great start by winning the Gold medal in the Men’s IM 400 Sunday in Beijing.  Phelps had a time of 4.03.84 which was a new World Record, previously broken by himself.  Michael will need 7 more Gold Medals to beat the Mark Spitz record of 7 Gold medals in one Olympics.

Hungarian Laszlo Cseh got the Silver Medal with a time of 4.06.16, while American Ryan Lochte was able to get the Bronze medal with a time of 4.08.09


2 Responses to “Michael Phelps wins Gold in the Men’s Individual 400M Medley!”

  1. thats great, but is it much of a surprise? The guy is amazing. One of the great things about phelps is that he can swim faster than you can walk on solid ground….


  2. While most sports commentators and fans have called Tiger Woods (and before this year, Roger Federer), it appears they have overlooked Michael Phelps. Certainly a good argument could be made that Phelps, and not Tiger or Federer, has been the most dominate athlete in the world over the last 5 years. Why punish him because he competes in a sport than only gets any real publicity every 4 years?

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