Michael Phelp’s Daily Schedule at Olympics








Michael Phelps has won his 4th Gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, in the 200-meter butterfly, breaking yet ANOTHER world record, with a time of 1.52.03.  Phelps did not win at the same margin that he normally does, but still won by nearly a half body-length.  Phelps also pulled off his 5th gold at the 200-meter freestyle relay with a combined time of 6.58.56, the first 200-meter relay under 7 minutes, and another world record. It is amazing that Michael Phelps even has time to win Gold medals.  To give you an idea of how exhausted he will be when he finishes at the Beijing Olympics, his Wednesday schedule will look like this:

6:30am – Wake Up

6:45am – Breakfast

7:30am – Bus to Pool

7:45am – Arrive at Pool

8:00am – Stretch

8:30am – 2400M Warm Up

10:18am – 200 Fly Final

10:30am – Warm Down 1000M

10:59am – 200 Fly Medal Ceremony

11:16am -4×200 Free Relay Final

11:30am – Warm Down 300m

11:38am – 4×200 Free Medal Ceremony

11:55am – Warm down 800m

12:15pm – Press Conference

12:45pm – Doping Control Test

1:45pm – Bus to Olympic Village

2:00pm – Lunch

2:30pm – Rest

4:00pm – Team Meeting

5:00pm – Bus to Pool

5:15pm – Arrive at Pool

5:30pm – Stretch

5:45pm – Warm up 2400M

8:55pm – 200IM Prelim

9:10pm – Warm down 800M

9:45pm – Bus to Olympic Village

10:00pm – Dinner

11:00pm – Bed!!!

One has to wonder if he even has time to use the “facilities” with a schedule like that.  And when does he have time to eat those 3 fried egg sandwiches???


2 Responses to “Michael Phelp’s Daily Schedule at Olympics”

  1. He probably won’t admit that he doesn’t use “the facilities”. That’s what Chlorine is for!



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