No Hamming Around – U.S. Men win Bronze

Like a dyslexic winning a spelling bee, the United States Men pulled off the unfathomable on Monday night, claiming the Bronze medal in the gymnastics team finals.  Without the experience of Paul and Morgan Hamm, the U.S. breathed a big sighe of relief after almost choking on the pommel horse, their final event of the evening.  The U.S. men were in competition for the Silver medal until Joey Hagerty stepped out of bounds twice in the floor competition.  This was followed by blunders from both Wen Tan Kai and Raj Bhavsar in the pommel horse, which nearly put them out of the medal hunt behind the German team.

NBC was not planning on even covering the U.S. men’s team for the team gymnastics, because they weren’t expected to even medal.  So congratulations to the U.S. men for doing the impossible!


One Response to “No Hamming Around – U.S. Men win Bronze”

  1. Unfortunately, pommel horse is not the strongest event for Bhavsar and Tan.

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