Michael Phelps Does it Again

As we expected, Michael Phelps went on to win his 8th gold medal of these Beijing Olympics Sunday morning (Beijing time). 

His tie with Mark Spitz lasted for only a day, and though many expected that to happen once he made it past Cavic, it didn’t take away one bit from the magnitude of his accomplishment.

It was a great moment to watch, not only because of the individual achievement, but because of the recognition Phelps gave to his deserving teammates.  After the race, he gathered his teammates around and with his arms around their shoulders he told them he could not have done this without them. 

The 3 relay teams he swam with not only helped him achieve the record, but they represented their sport and country with a lot of class and gave us a lot to cheer for.

Congratulations to the US Men’s 4 x 100M medley relay team for their record setting victory, and to Michael for his tremendous performance over the last week.  He’s earned himself the right to be called one of the greats, but he’s also done it with a great deal of dedication, class, and sportsmanship.


3 Responses to “Michael Phelps Does it Again”

  1. it was a great race and an even better performance by the teammate which is good because Phelps has kind of blocked off any other swimming news of any other swimmer the entire olympics. And as far as “sportsmanship”, at least on tv he didn’t react that well at the end of his 7th race when the second place man’s coach filed an official complaint.


  2. twonateshow Says:

    Oh really? I didn’t see that reaction. What did he do?

    I was just referring to the fact that he seems to have been very gracious in the times I’ve heard him. I watched the interview with him, Bob Costas, and Mark Spitz, and I thought he was very respectful and sportsmanlike.

    Another instance I was impressed was when the first relay team defeated the French and when the interviewer asked Phelps about his pursuit of 8 gold medals, he instead turned the conversation back to what the team had just accomplished.

  3. He has been very gracious and I have seen the interview. The guy is amazing and really is the true athlete. I did not see the second interview, though. As far as the tv reaction, he lashed out (that’s all I could safely say for it was just a side shot and you could not here his voice) with a frustrated face at the coach, but not at the swimmer he was next to. But again it just could have been him pumping his fist of being excited. Thanks for the reply


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