NFL Preview

Da-da-da-daaaaaaaaaaah.  Da-da-da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaah!  I can hear it now.  The Monday Night Football theme has begun to ring in my head.  Today marks the first day of the NFL regular season as the New York Giants battle the Washington Redskins.  Like Lenny Dykstra looking for some chew, football fans are quivering with anticipation for the season to begin.  One thing is for sure, my beloved Chicago Bears wont make it anywhere close to the playoffs.  They’d probably have a better chance if they brought Erik Kramer out of retirement than to start Kyle Orton (or Rex Grossman for that matter).  But along with the new season comes a fresh start for some teams seeking a playoff spot.  Below, see TNS’s predictions on each division:

AFC East – Patriots

AFC North – Steelers

AFC South – Colts

AFC West – Chargers

AFC Wild Card Teams – Jaguars, Browns

NFC East – Cowboys

NFC North – Vikings

NFC South – Panthers

NFC West – Seahawks

NFC Wild Cards – Cowboys, Giants

Wild Card Round

AFC – Colts and Jaguars Advance

NFC – Seahawks and Cowboys Advance

Divisional Round

AFC – Colts and Patriots Advance

NFC – Vikings and Cowboys Advance

Conference Championships

AFC – Colts defeat Patriots

NFC – Cowboys defeat Vikings

Super Bowl XLIII

Colts 27 Cowboys 20

For what it is worth, here is my predictions for 2008.  These are risky predictions, but lets face it, only 25% of them will probably be right anyways!

Enjoy watching the season.


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