A Football Weekend

394 Yards.  5 Touchdowns.  

I went to see the Georgia game on Saturday and the Falcons game on Sunday, and those are the numbers I witnessed Knowshon Moreno and Michael Turner put up this weekend.  It was a good weekend to be a fan.  

Turner set a new Falcons single game record for rushing yards, and Moreno had the best highlight when he literally hurdled Central Michigan safety Vince Agnew.  If you didn’t get to see it, check it out here.  

Welcome back football, you’ve been missed.  

I haven’t had the chance to attend a lot of football games.  Prior to this weekend I had only been to two NCAA games and two NFL games, one of which was preseason.  But what I experienced this weekend only reinforced what I had already learned – you just can’t beat the football environment.  

I am a die-hard baseball fan and always will be, but it just doesn’t seem to quite match the excitement that you find at a football game – even in the markets like New York, Boston, and Chicago.  I don’t believe any of the other sports do.  I realize the crowd energy is going to vary depending on the city.  Fans at an Atlanta Hawks game are going to be very different from the Boston Celtics.  But to me football still holds the edge, and I think I’ve finally figured out the reason. 

Football isn’t just a sport, it’s a cultural experience.

It’s the fact that the game doesn’t start when the clock starts ticking; it starts when the generators powering your portable satellite are running and your tailgating tent is in place.  It’s the attitude that every game has the importance of a playoff game; there is no regular season.  It’s the reality that fans will sit in any kind of weather to watch the game.  It’s the total devotion of the guy next to you that dresses up in some costume that seriously invades the boundaries of your personal space.  

And it’s the fact that a mascot like Uga has an air-conditioned doghouse and his predecessors are buried in marble vaults at the stadium.  

All that combines to make for a stadium experience that I don’t believe is matched by any other sport. 

But maybe that’s just me.  What do you all think?


4 Responses to “A Football Weekend”

  1. welcome back indeed — what a way to start the season…


  2. southerngent Says:

    Oh yes, football is not just a sport. It’s a religion. Check out my blog post at http://southerngent.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/get-thee-to-church-this-weekend if you don’t believe me.

    And there is nothing like a football crowd anywhere. Not at Manchester UK games, not for pelota matches, not for horse races or car races.

    And the absolute best place to watch a game is Sanford Stadium on a cool October afternoon, and then follow it up with a stroll through the post-game tailgates… ah, paradise.

  3. you wrote: “It’s the attitude…It’s the reality…It’s the total devotion….”

    It’s the drunks, man. I know ’cause I was an usher at Tampa stadium when I was in college.

    It’s the drunks.

  4. twonateshow Says:

    Well played, Jen, well played. Speaking of, I kind of had to laugh when I went to the Falcons game and I passed a bar that was selling mixed drinks. I just didn’t realize that cosmopolitans were that big of a seller at football games.

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