David or Goliath?

As I type this, the Rays have held on to their first place status by beating the Red Sox 5-4.  I’m not going to lie – I’d really like to see the Rays win this division.  Why? Well, because I picked them to win the division and it should be such a shame to ruin my lifetime run of being right.  Um…yeah. 

But as I was checking the score I was thinking to myself (a common practice of mine) and I began to wonder what would be better for baseball – the worst to first Rays or the cursed to first Red Sox? (cursed to first…that was good….I just thought of that….but I’m afraid to google it for fear someone already thought of it 4 years ago)

The Rays have been baseball’s biggest surprise in quite a while.  The first half of the season they were a great story, but how many of us figured it was only a matter of time before the Yankees summoned the maddening extra gear that seems to turn even the lightest of hitters into Joe Dimaggio during a pennant race.  Or how many of us figured the Red Sox would somehow turn calling themselves idiots into a winning battle cry again?  

Well, the Yanks are out and while the Sox could still make it, there’s not doubt the Rays have surprised us all.  It would be a great way to infuse some new blood into the MLB playoffs.  Afterall, the last time the playoffs didn’t include the Yankees or Red Sox was 1993.  

But the flip side is this: when the Red Sox play, the fans watch.  Their history, both painful and successful, is always a draw.  And though the Yankees definitely won’t make it this year, the epic battles between those two teams have added to the game’s list of greatest playoff moments.  When those either of teams play, history always has a way of showing up and new legends are born.   

So which do you think would be better – a new chapter in Red Sox history or a new book all together with the Rays?

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