This Just In…

USC is good.  Really good.

And while there are a lot of games left to go, that game was critical for them.

They completely overmatched the Buckeyes, picking apart their defense and completely shutting down their offense. They were so dominating that I’m actually surprised Georgia even got 2 first place votes in the most recent poll – especially considering their shaky game against South Carolina.

With a #1 ranking heading into the game and a weaker conference schedule, USC likely would have made it to the championship even without playing Ohio State.  So why was it so important?

Because as the SEC teams begin some of their toughest matchups, strength of schedule is going to start getting more attention.  With that in mind, I think it was important for USC to have at least one chance to show they can beat anybody.

Saturday was that chance, and they made quite a statement.  So much so, that I’m actually shocked Georgia even got 2 first place votes.

Barring a huge upset somewhere in the rest of the season, I think we now know one of the teams that will be playing in the championship game.  Do you all have any thoughts on who their opponent will be?

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