Your Monday Top Ten

As you all know, I’ve done a couple of Top Ten lists on how to tell when you’re addicted to sports.  Well to get you all started this week, I’m going to take a different approach.

So for your reading pleasure I now present “You Don’t Know Much About Football If…..”

1.  …you think the Ice Bowl is a nickname for the toilet during the winter.

2.  …you think a tight end is what you get after heavy lifting.

3.  …you think a forward pass is something that will get you slapped.

4.  …you think a quarterback is what you’ll get for your house in this economy.

5.  …you think an onside kick is a form of corporal punishment.

6.  …you think the line of scrimmage was discovered by Lewis and Clark.

7.  …you think dime coverage is available through AT&T.

8.  …you think an eligible receiver is a reality show on ABC.

9.  …you think a three point stance is what your pastor preaches

10.  …you think Special Teams is an advanced placement class.

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