Choking in the Big Apple

FLUSHING, NY – In true “flush your season down the toilet” fashion, it’s no surprise that the New York Mets lost Sunday to the Florida Marlins, losing a playoff spot for the second straight year.  The Milwaukee Brewers defeated the Chicago Cubs, as they should of, since they pitched CC Sabathia, and therefore picked up the NL Wild Card.  They will face the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL Division Series and will most certainly get swept.  The ironic thing regarding the Met’s loss is that last year, they also lost the last game of the season, also against the Marlins.  Its no doubt that the entire Mets team will be having nightmares about fish for the entire off-season.

The only good news for the Mets in this game was that they only lost by 2, whereas in 2007 they lost by 7 runs to the Marlins after Tom Glavine only lasted just over 1 inning.  The New York Mets are surely destined for a complete rebuilding year.  Omar Minaya, GM for the Mets, will most likely be on the chopping block for creating such a high payroll and to come up empty handed.  The New York Mets payroll is bigger than every single playoff team this year: the Angels, Twins/White Sox, Red Sox, Devil Rays, Cubs, Brewers, Phillies, and Dodgers.  It comes in at a whopping $138 million ++.  That is larger than the Brewers and Devil Rays combined.  Their payroll is even $100 million larger than the Florida Marlins, and the Marlins ended up having the last laugh.  Perhaps the US government will need to bail out the New York Mets finances after this year.

Neither the New York Mets or the Yankees made the playoffs this year, which is only a good thing in my opinion.  ESPN will not be able to find anything to talk about, and David Wright will need to be content with being outside of the limelight for once.  What will be the offseason plans for some of New York’s finest baseball players?  Below I have taken a stab:

Alex Rodriquez: Will decide to follow Madonna on her “Sticky and Sweet” U.S. Tour.  Just saying the name of Madonna’s tour makes me want to hurl.  And he will cry and blow his nose with two different $100 bills simultaneously.

Pedro Martinez: Will fly to Asia and receive a right arm implant.  He has thrown a combined 8-7 record over the past two seasons with close to a 4.00 ERA.

Derek Jeter: Will try to find a way to explain to the baseball world why he is not totally overrated.

Joe Torre: Will be laughing in LA since he has brought the Dodgers to an NL West Title, and is seeing the NY Yanks faces plastered against the playoff glass window.

Jerry Manuel: Will wish he is back coaching with the Chicago White Sox.

Omar Minaya: Will be looking for a new GM job.

Thats about all I can say with this post.  Back to watching Da Bears!!

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