Why the Cubs Will be Swept in the NLDS

I am mad. Not the “stubbed your toe on the chair” mad, but more like the “my dog ate my signed Michael Jordan rookie card” mad. Jayson Stark, overrated writer for ESPN, wrote an article yesterday entitled “Why the Cubs Will Win the World Series”. I’m not going to link the article because I don’t want you to read it – I made that mistake today at work. He basically said how last year he predicted the Cubs would win the World Series and that they ended up getting swept in the first round to the D-Backs. He again predicted that the Cubs would win the World Series. NO NO NO!!! Anything but that; Stark.

In predictable fashion, the Cubs got hammered tonight against the Dodgers at Wrigley. They final score was 7-2 Dodgers. They hit three homers and capitalized on a gazillion walks thrown by Cubs pitching. First there was the 0-2 Grand Slam hit by James Loney. Then there was the ridiculous home run hit by Manny Ramirez that was practically hit out of the dirt. At that point I turned the game off.

Why do sportswriters do what they do? First, Jayson Stark said two years ago that Andruw Jones was one of the most overrated players in baseball. What ended up happening? He hit under .200 last year for Atlanta, and got approximately 3 hits this year in LA. Now he predicts the Cubs will win the World Series TWICE and the Cubs are now destined for another sweep. Its like a pitcher having a no-hitter going into the 7th inning and his 2nd basemen tells him “I think you have a no-hitter so far!!”. Everyone knows not to say a word because it’ll jinx it.

So what am I going to do? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to predict right now that the Cubs are going to get swept in the Division Series against the Dodgers. Not only are they going to get swept, they are going to get shut out for the next two games. I don’t think I need to explain my strategy behind this prediction. If you haven’t figured it out yet, then you should be surfing Barefoot Contessa’s website on the Food Network.

The Cubs are going to lose miserably in the first round. Period…

2 Responses to “Why the Cubs Will be Swept in the NLDS”

  1. Craig Dodge Says:

    Not sure your reverse psychology is working on the Cubbies. 10-3? Yikes!! Hope they have a 3 game winning streak in them.

  2. Maybe reverse-reverse psychology? I dunno, but the Cubbies need something.

    And by the way, nice Barefoot Contessa reference.

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