Good Time to Lose?

The Tamba Bay Rays beat up on the Red Sox last, winning by a score of 13-4.  Both of the LCS series now have the leading teams up 3 games to 1.  So assuming both teams close out the series and move on, what can we expect?

Probably the lowest rated World Series of all time.  

But, as I’ve said here before, while it may not get the ratings (especially from the casual fan), I believe it will certainly still pique the interest of most of them.  They may not watch it on TV, but they’ll follow the headlines and talk about it around the proverbial water cooler at work.  

And I continue to think that it will inject even more energy into the sport.  But I can save that diatribe for a post during the World Series. Of course now that I’ve said it there’s not much more for me to expand on, so I’ve kind of stolen my own thunder.  Dang it!

But for you hurting Red Sox and Dodgers fans out there, I have a question to throw out there: if your team is going to lose in the playoffs, would you rather your team lose in the LCS or the World Series?

In thinking through that, I’m not sure what I would prefer. Having seen the Braves lose in both, I’m trying to think back to how it felt.  

I suppose the argument for the LCS is that your team was still several wins away from a World Series title, so the sting of being knocked out isn’t quite as bad.  You could envision a victory but not quite taste it yet, so the disappointment isn’t as powerful.  

The argument for the WS is that even if you lose, you’re still going home with a League Title.  You made it through all of the teams in your league and came within 4 wins of the Championship.  For those few games, the entire focus is just on you and one other team.  So while the loss is hard, the mere appearance brings a lot of satisfaction. 

My opinion?  Losing kind of just sucks all around.  So while I’m inclined to lean towards the “losing in the World Series is less painful” answer, neither one is particularly pleasant.  And don’t get me started on losing in the Division Series….

What do you all think? Is one better than the other?

One Response to “Good Time to Lose?”

  1. This is an interesting question, but as a fan of the KC Royals, it stretches my imagination to the point that I really can’t come up with an answer.

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