I’m Not Dead Yet

Just when baseball fans across the country were figuratively walking through the streets of Boston crying, “Bring out your dead,” the Red Sox responded by letting everyone know that they’re not dead yet.  

The Sox made an improbable comeback last night, winning the game after being down 7-0 at one point.  Could this comeback lead to a comeback in the series?  

This team has shown several times in recent years that they apparently work best under pressure in the first two rounds of the playoffs.  After all, why make things easier by winning a couple games early on in the series when you just have more fun by winning after you’re on the brink of elimination?  

Game 6 has a lot of promise to it for either team with Boston sending Beckett to the mound and Tampa responding with James Shields.  If this were the Josh Beckett of 2007, you’d think the Sox would have the edge, even with Shields’ impressive season.  But Beckett hasn’t been the same this year and especially in these playoffs.  

I think the Rays have to treat this next game as a must win.  They don’t want to take this to 7 games and have the series come down to a win against Lester.  He may have gotten rocked in his first start in the series, but the chances of him doing that again don’t seem likely.  

Do the Rays still have the advantage? Of course.  But Boston’s win last night changed the look of this series dramatically.


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