On To the Classic

So I guess that’s why they play the games.  

I liked the Rays chances in game 6, but Josh Beckett bounced back from a rough postseason to pitch the way we all know he can and get the Red Sox even in the series.  Once that happened I thought Boston would probably take gave 7 since the Rays were having to face Lester a second time.  But he was outpitched by Matt Garza, and the Rays are in their first World Series.  

It’s almost like what I think will happen has no bearing on the actual outcome.  Weird. 

Anyways, congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays.  Apparently it was the word “devil” that was holding them back all this time.  Suddenly they drop that and they’re one of the best teams in baseball. 

That sets up a less than ideal matchup from Fox’s point of view.  But I think it should be a good series.  We’ve got two teams who have a lot of young talent (excluding Jamie Moyer), and they were both in the thick of things all season long.  It’s the first time in a few years where one of the World Series teams didn’t come out of nowhere and make the playoffs via a torrid run at the end of the season.  

Tampa Bay was a surprise because no one was picking them to win in Spring Training, but they’re not in it because they got hot at the right time.  They’re in it because they got clutch performances all year.

Philly battled the Mets all season and came from behind again to take the division.  They’re one of the best offensive teams in baseball, and the rejuvenated Lidge has solidified the back of the bullpen.  Throw a solid starting staff in there and they’re a well-rounded team.  

If I have to pick a winner (which I do as a responsible blogger), I’m going with the Rays.  At first I was going to say the Phillies because they have the experience, but then I remembered that the Rays just made it through a very experienced and talented Red Sox team.  And they did that the entire season.  They didn’t make it this far by a fluke.  They haven’t just gotten lucky and they haven’t looked overmatched.  

So I think the Rays will win, but I don’t think Philly will suffer the same fate that the first LSC victor has experienced the last couple of years.  Colorado and Detroit both had long layoffs after they clinched the LCS, and both teams played like it once the World Series started.  I think this will be a tough series, and I think it will take the Rays 7 games to win it.  

And speaking of 7 games, congrats to the Red Sox for almost completing the improbable comeback.  An exciting series is something we need to start expecting from that team now.  After some quick research, I discovered that since 2003, there have been 7 LCS series to go the full 7 games.  The Boston Red Sox, have been involved in 4 of them.

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