Obama Meets Curse of Da Coach?

Let me start this blog post by clarifying that this is a SPORTS BLOG.  I am not a political whiz by any means.  The only voting predictions you will find here will be from the USA Today coach’s top 25 polls that you see on a weekly basis.  I am also a Chicago Bears fan (DA BEARS) which leads me to writing the following post.

Today, many (should be all) of us will wait in line for hours at the local polling station to vote for our next U.S. President.  Will it be Barack Obama, or John McCain? (or for you Green Party supporters, Ralph Nader?).  My wife and I decided that we’ll wake up around 5am, hit up McDonald’s for some McGriddles, and wait in line to cast our ballot.  So you may be asking, “Elwell, what does the election have to do with your sports blog, shouldn’t you be sticking to sports?”  And to that I say, “NOT SO FAST!”  4 years ago, the history books could have been drastically changed, if it weren’t for DA COACH.

Thats right, the great Mike Ditka, former head coach of the Chicago Bears, could have bumped Obama from being an Illinois Senator.  And no, I am not making this up!  Back in 2004, the republican senator Peter Fitzgerald was retiring from his seat, and there was no Republican candidate to face Obama.  Surely, Da Coach would have won the Senate election, and it would have cursed Obama.  But Ditka decided against running and Obama became an Illinois Senator.  And now as we all know, he is running for President.  What more could you want for a Senator than a man who sings take me out to the ball game in record time?

In the 13 years that Ditka was head coach, there were 3 presidential elections.  2 of the victors were Republicans (Reagan and Bush Sr.) and one was a Democrat (Clinton). It was during Reagan’s second term as US President that the Chicago Bears won the famed Super Bowl of the 85 season when the Bears had arguably the best defense in the history of the NFL.    In both ’84 and ’88, the Chicago Bears won the NFC Central as Ditka as head coach (both during Republican presidencies).  During the ’92 season, the Bears not only posted a 5-11 record, but Da Coach was fired and replaced by Dave Wannstedt.  This was the year that Bill Clinton was elected to his first term as President.  As today is the voting day for the Presidential election, we see the Chicago Bears atop the NFC North division with a record of 5-3.  So based on these “important” facts, who will win the Presidential election today?  I’m glad you asked.  I am going to use the most scientific and accurate method to tell you who will be President of the United States.  I am going to flip a coin.  To be fair, I’m going to do “best of 7” since this is a sports blog.  Heads is Obama, Tails is McCain (sorry Nader).  Here goes:

Flip One: Obama

Flip Two: Obama

Flip Three: Obama

Flip Four: McCain

Flip Five: McCain

Flip Six: Obama

Based on the accurate flip of the coin, it looks like Obama wins in 6 games, 4-2.  McCain tried to come back, but looks like he came up short.  But since flipping a coin is superstitious, will the Curse of Da Coach come up and bite Obama today?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Until then, enjoy this video of Ditka’s “almost run” for Senate.  Oh, and one more thing.  I’m Nate Elwell, and I approved this post.


One Response to “Obama Meets Curse of Da Coach?”

  1. southerngent Says:

    I would have loved to see Mike Ditka in the Senate, if for no other reason than endless replays of the Super Bowl Shuffle, “Da Beers” skits from SNL, and the off-chance that Ditka might tackle Nancy Pelosi.

    On a side note, may I commend you for rising early to fight the geriatric tide of voters who were turning out? Kudos to you and yours, sir.

    And one small confession – I loved Chicago. Don’t tell anyone – it’ll ruin my image…

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