It’s More Than Turning Left

Well, I’m back. (Sighs of relief echo throughout the TwoNateShow faithful). Some of you probably wondered if I was in hiding due to my insightful prediction that the Rays would win the World Series in 7 games.


Yes, I’m sure the last two weeks have been filled with sleepless nights as you’ve wondered where the Second Nate was. Well, I’ll tell you.  The last 12 days have seen me visit 4 cities. Both Nates went to North Carolina to visit Joe Gibbs Racing.  More on that in a bit.  Then I was in Baton Rouge to witness my beloved Dawgs defeat the LSU Tigers.  Then I was in Chicago where I took a self guided Dark Knight scenic tour and also watched my previously mentioned Dawgs have just a little bit of a tough game against those freakin’ Gators.  Then I closed out my “tour” with a trip to Colorado Springs where I had the opportunity to see the greatest band ever give an amazing performance. 

A little while ago I wrote a post on how the NHL is a very unappreciated sport. It’s fans are die hard, but those that don’t follow it don’t appreciate the skill that it requires.  I’d like to put NASCAR in that category as well. 


We know about the drivers, and we give the occasional shout out to the pit crews that can gas a car and change it’s tires in a matter of seconds.  But we very much take for granted the engineering and skill that is displayed behind the scenes. 

When we toured the shop, we hung out with the 400+ employees it takes to give 3 drivers a chance to win.  They make each car part themselves.  They build the cars from scratch.  They test the engines, shocks, and aerodynamics in state of the art simulators.  They have 45 cars for each driver, not including the numerous quarter scale models that they use for additional testing. 

So racing may not be your can of beer….er…cup of tea, but I can say for a fact that it’s way more than fast cars and corporate sponsorship.  It’s a sport of tremendous skill and intellect, and I’ve got a newfound respect for it.

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