Rise of the Cardinals

Who could forget this moment in sports?  On October 16th 2006, the Chicago Bears were down 20-0 against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium.  This was after 6 turnovers by Rex Grossman.  The Bears were down 23-3 while the clock was winding down in the 3rd Quarter.  They somehow stripped the ball of Cardinal QB Matt Leinart, and ran it back for a touchdown – 23-10.  With 5 minutes left to go in the 4th Quarter, the Bears stripped the ball AGAIN from the Cardinals, and ran it back for a touchdown 23-17.  Then, with 2:58 left to play, Devin Hester the kick return genie ran back a punt 84 yards for another touchdown 24-23.  And the Cardinals missed a 41 yard field goal with under a minute to play to blow a 20 point lead and lose the game.  The most amazing football game I have ever seen.  What did Cardinals coach Dennis Green have to say?  You have certainly seen the video below:

And that sums up the entire franchise history of the Arizona Cardinals.  Did you know that the Arizona Cardinals are the oldest operating professional football team in the U.S.?  And did you know that they have only won a single playoff game in only five appearances?  And only 2 winning seasons since 1984?  After the 2006 loss to the Bears, coach Dennis Green eventually was fired, the Cardinals finished the season 5-11.  Thngs seemed to have hit rock bottom after 2006.  Then, they hired Ken Whisenhunt, play-calling master of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Whisenhunt orchestrated the 2005 Super Bowl Steelers Offensive play-calling and was sure to make a “bang” when he went over to the Cardinals.

Probably the smartest move Whisenhunt did was benching Matt Leinart in favor of veteran Kurt Warner.  While Leinart was busy beer bonging and having a loose zipper, Whisenhunt put in the clean-cut Warner to turn the team around.  And how has Warner done this year?  Week 2: 361 yards.  Week 4: 472 yards.  Week 8: 381 yards.  Week 10: 328 yards.  As of right now, Warner is projected to have the best QB rating since his 1999 season with the Rams.  So all that to say, the Cardinals are pretty darn good.  So good in fact that they are 6-3 and are blowing the rest of the NFC West Division out of the water.  The Cards remainder of season schedule is moderate, and we should see them playing in the playoffs for the first time in awhile.

The 2008 NFL Season needed a team for the media to get hyped about.  The Patriots fizzled out when Tom Brady got hurt in the 1st Quarter of the 1st game.  The Seahawks have shown zero momentum and have bored the city of Seattle into a stupor.  The Cowboys have started to take a dive after losing Romo to injury.  But right now, I believe that the Arizona Cardinals are the most exciting team to watch in the NFL.  Yes, they even beat out Brett Favre’s Jets and Chad Pennington’s Dolphins.  But probably the most entertaining part of the Cardinals is that their coach looks like Woody Harrelson.  Who wouldnt win with a coach that looks like him?

72986006ND001_Arizona_Cardi woody-harrelson-sag-280x4001

2 Responses to “Rise of the Cardinals”

  1. Thanks for the post on the Cardinals. I’ve watched every game of theirs this season except one and they are a truly exciting team to watch. While they have one of the best offenses in the NFL in terms of yards and points scored, they’re near the bottom with respect to penalties and defense. Two things that if they cleaned up on, they should make it past the first week of the playoffs.

  2. What a nutty NFL season, when you wrote this post, it was concievable that the Cards could have a first round bye and they looked legit. Now they look every bit as fradulent as a playoff team as my Broncos. Which will likely mean that they will make the Super Bowl the way this wacky season has unfolded.

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