Matt Cassel May Make Tom Brady Drew Bledsoe


Tom Brady may become the next Drew Bledsoe. Yes, it may be confusing for some of you to understand this concept. Sometimes it is hard enough to just tie your shoes, I know. But After the last two weeks of solid play at QB for the Patriots, Matt Cassel is making a huge statement about his abilities in the NFL. In Week 11 we saw Cassel throw for 400 yards, 3 touchdowns, and ran for 68 in a loss to the Jets. For Week 12, Cassel threw for 415 yards, 3 touchdowns, and ran for 1 touchdown. That is 7 touchdowns in two games, and 2 400+ yard throwing games in a row. In the last 7 years combined, Brady has only thrown for 400+ yards once, and that was back in 2002. Cassel has already thrown for 400+ twice this year. I’m not saying that Cassel is better than Brady. But if I’m not mistaken, Drew Bledsoe lost his starting job to Tom Brady back when he got injured. This season, we saw Tom Brady injured before the end of the 1st game and what next?…

In the second game of the 2001 season, Drew Bledsoe was hit by a Jets linebacker and he never started for the Patriots again. Who replaced Bledsoe? None other than Tom Brady, who led the Patriots to win a Super Bowl that year. Bledsoe had one good season with the Bills, and then ended up fading quickly into the sunset by playing for the Cowboys. And he was replaced by Tony Romo after stinking it up in Dallas. The Onion, one of the most accurate newspapers in our world’s history, wrote a hilarious article about Drew Bledsoe that pretty much sums it up for me. Now back to Cassel. Cassel’s rise to fame in the NFL is even more unbelievable than Brady’s. He was the second stringer for USC behind Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. The only collegiate start he made was not even at the Quarterback position, but at tight end. He was drafted in the 7th round as the 230 overall pick by the Patriots. This year, Palmer’s Bengals are a staggering 1-11, Matt Leinart isn’t even playing for the Cardinals, and Matt Cassel’s Patriots are 7-4, behind the New York Jets in the AFC East. Now, I seriously don’t think that Cassel could permanently take over Brady’s job, but since I don’t like Brady I definitely have thought about this scenario several times.

It is hard for me to see if Matt Cassel will stick around with the Patriots after this year’s season. Brady will surely be back as starting QB, and if Cassel keeps up his stats, he should look for a starting job with another team. He is set to be an unrestricted free agent for 2009, as long as the Patriots don’t slap the franchise tag on him. So which team should Cassel go to? In my humble opinion, the OBVIOUS first choice for Cassel would be the Chicago Bears. Why, you should ask? Great question. The main reason is that I am sick of Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman. I think those reasons should stand by themselves. The next team that would deserve a Quarterback like Cassel would be the Tennessee Titans. Cassel could be reunited with Norm Chow, who is part of the Titan’s coaching staff and who happened to be a coach for Cassel while at USC. Kerry Collins is not that special, and Vince Young doesn’t have any confidence. Cassel would be a lethal component along with LenDale White, Chris Johnson, and a powerful Titan’s defense. Could you imaging a Cassel vs. Brady AFC Championship game? Other team options could be the 49ers, Raiders, Lions, and Vikings.

How Cassel performs in the next 5 games is yet to be seen. But you can guarantee that NFL GMs will be licking their chops at the end of this season IF Cassel becomes a free agent. Look for him in a new uniform in 2009.


5 Responses to “Matt Cassel May Make Tom Brady Drew Bledsoe”

  1. nah. great receivers and a great offensive line can make barely adequate quarterbacks look good, good quarterbacks look great, and great quarterbacks look like best-of-all-time.

    i doubt cassel would start in this league for most teams. also, the franchise tag for a backup qb? that’s ludicrous.

  2. twonateshow Says:

    Gavette – we’ll have to see if you’re right about that. I’m still convinced that he could be pretty good. And the fact that he is only the 5th quarterback in NFL history to get 2 consecutive 400 yard passing games is more than decent. And the Bear’s O-line and wide receivers in 2006 were good, but what did that do for Rex Grossman? I’m not saying they were as good as the Patriots, but still…

  3. well, I said barely adequate quarterbacks look good… flat out horrible quarterbacks like rex grossman are simply flat out horrible quarterbacks… I could argue that the bear’s o-line and wide receivers were able to make him look barely adequate, i guess.

  4. james whitfield Says:

    i think the titans are under the radar in the hunt for cassell, but don’t be surprised if they make a big offer to bring him in…especially with young being a bust and collins aging

  5. well, i was wrong, they franchised cassel. i am pretty shocked. i still don’t think he’s even that good of a qb, but i think it definitely means tom brady won’t be back at the start of next season and the patriots have nobody else whose even a mediocre option.

    good call on the franchise tag.

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