Playoff Weekend

ravens1 vs. titans cardinals1 vs. panthers

eagles1 vs. giants chargers1 vs. steelers

Last week, probably one of the funniest articles on the accurate was published.  For those of you that haven’t read the onion, it provides hours of chuckling with mock articles of varying degree such as: “American Airlines Now Charging Fees for Non Passengers” and “$700 Billion Bailout Celebrated with Lavish $800 Billion executive party“.  So I couldn’t help practically losing my lunch laughing when I read this week: “LaDanian Tomlinson to Play Next Week Without a Groin“.  With humor and satire, The Onion actually chose a title that draws some truth.  Although LT won’t be playing without a groin, there is some doubt that he’ll be playing at all.  Lets mow through this weeks matchups and predict who the winners and losers will be (ahem, last weekend I was 2-2 with the exact score guessed correctly in the Falcons/Cardinals matchup!!)

Ravens vs. Titans

The Ravens destroyed the Dolphins last week, thanks to their defense forcing 4 Pennington interceptions and 2 fumbles (1 recovered).  Look for the Ravens to do more of the same this week against the overrated Titans.  The Titans eeked out a win against the Ravens in the regular season, but the Ravens held Chris Johnson to 44 rushing yards.  I’m predicting that the Ravens will come up big yet again, and will stifle the Titan’s run offense.  There are only so many 150 yard passing games that Kerry Collins can pull off before it is too good to be true.

Final Score: Ravens 24 – Titans 17

Cardinals vs. Panthers

This matchup will feature two veteran QBs who have both appeared in the Super Bowl (Kurt Warner won, Jake Delhomme did not).  Look for there to be some major fireworks.  The Panthers will most certainly use their running game in DeAngelo Williams, but have receivers Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammed to go deep.  Kurt Warner will use his experience to go to Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin frequently (as long as Boldin’s hammy holds up).  The Cardinals are only 2-6 against the Panthers but lets face it, The Cards traditionally suck and haven’t had a team like this before.  I would like to see the Cardinals win, but my gut tells me that the Panthers will pull out the victory.

Final Score: Panthers 34 – Cardinals 23

Eagles vs. Giants

In perhaps the most exciting matchup in this year’s playoffs, so the Eagles will travel to the Meadowlands to face the defending Super Bowl Champions.  The Eagles are running on adrenaline, after miraculously making it into the playoffs, and stunning the Vikings at home last week.  The Eagles handed the Giants one of their 4 losses this year, and the Giants only barely scratched out a win against the Eagles in week 6.  The Giants are without Plaxico Burress (whoops) and will have to rely on other options.  Eli has had time to rest, but is it too long?  We will see.  I’m going to predict an upset.

Final Score: Eagles 23 – Giants 20

Chargers vs. Steelers

And here we come to the subject of the onion article above.  Will LT play or wont he?  Who really cares?  I doubt he would be much of a factor anyways.  With last weeks performance from Darren Sproles, we may need to go from LT to DS.  With 328 total yards and 2 touchdowns last week, Sproles left the Colt defense in the dust (and put LT in a cold sweat).  I salivate when I think about “what might have been” if Turner had stayed with the Chargers.  Could you imagine a Turner/Sproles combo?  Who would have thunk it.  And we have Big Ben.  His concussion 2 weeks ago could be a factor this weekend, although he has had time to rest.  The Steelers held off the Chargers in an 11-10 bore in regular season.  How will the Chargers fare this week?  I’m convinced that Philip Rivers will be at his finest, and has plenty of ammunition to work with.  The Chargers will keep it close, and will end up pulling out the victory at the end of the game.

Final Score: Chargers 30 – Steelers 27

Now go watch some football!


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