Wrighting the ship – Team U.S.A. stuns Puerto Rico in WBC nail-biter


Baseball fever is here.  Team U.S.A. defeated Puerto Rico on Tuesday night, and knocked them out of the World Baseball Classic.  Next up for Team U.S.A. is the semi-final round at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.  After being humiliated by a slaughter-rule defeat against Puerto Rico last Saturday, U.S.A. came back with a vengeance and had their way with Puerto Rico by overcoming a 5-3 deficit in the 9th inning.  It was brought to you by Mets star David Wright, as he golfed a 2 run single down the right field line.  “That situation is what you dream about when you’re a kid” said Wright of his hit.

The U.S. will determine their seed for the semi-final based on the result of a match-up with Venezuela on Wednesday.  The U.S. team has now eliminated two different teams while being on the brink of elimination themselves.  “If you are a baseball fan, you had to enjoy this game,” Jeter said. “Regardless of what country you’re from , which I’m sure if you are from Puerto Rico you were a little bit disappointed, but it was still an exciting game to watch”.  This is what the great American past-time is all about – and hopefully it’ll spur more viewer ship for the regular season which is quickly approaching us!

Just picture it now – a front row seat in the left field of Turner Field.  A foot-long Hebrew National hot dog with all the fixen’s and a nice tall Coke.  What more could a guy ask for?  And multiply that times 160 and you’ve got yourself a season full of excitement.  For those of you who have little to no interest in baseball, please take a quick inventory of what baseball has to offer you:

1) All you can eat seats: A new concept, in which you are given a bracelet in the stadium, and you can eat 1,2,5, or 10 hot dogs during a 9 inning game, plus all the popcorn, fries, and Coke that you want.

2) Free entertainment by fan-watching: We’ve all seen the 300 pound man sitting next to us in the bleachers who has consumed 7 beers and criticizes the players on the field for their efforts.

3) 2 words – shirt gun: Its fun to watch the group of entertainers run out on the field with the t-shirt guns, only to shoot them directly into the face of an innocent 6 year old kid.

4) Home run balls: There is no better feeling then catching a ball bare-handed that was hit 400 feet to you compliments of Chipper Jones (or insert your favorite star here).

5) Seat upgrades: We’ve all done it.  When we are sitting up in the nosebleeds during the 1st inning, we somehow manage to get ourselves down to the seats behind the dugout by the 5th inning.

March Madness is here.  But for some people it isn’t a college basketball thing, it is all about the long ball! (chicks dig it, ya know?)

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