Trouble with Tequila


All it takes is one “shot of love” with Tequila to get into a load of trouble.  Tila Tequila, that is.  By now, you’ve probably read the ridiculous drama that has been going on between San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman and MTV star Tila Tequila (Nguyen).  First of all, let me promise you that I haven’t changed my blog to focus on Hollywood Gossip (If you can even categorize Tequila with Hollywood).  I am writing this post to prove a point that some athletes continue to associate themselves with the riskiest (and most annoying) people.

A basic summary of the conflict is that Shawne Merriman was arrested after Tila Tequila claims that he choked and restrained her when she tried to leave his home.  Shawne claims that Tila was drunk, and was attempting to leave his house so that she could drive.   He said he was trying to act in her best interest to protect her from making a bad decision.  Since the incident, Tila has been persistently twittering about the situation, even going as far as saying that she is meeting with the San Diego District’s Attorney to discuss the matter.  The DA has since denied the claim and has said that there is no meeting scheduled with Tequila.

I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not in law enforcement, so I can’t make a solid argument, one way or another, as to who is guilty and who is not guilty.  But what I am going to say goes directly towards Merriman: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH LOSERS!  Not only could it make you one, but it could also put your career and reputation at risk.  Some of you may be thinking, ‘Elwell, calling someone a loser is a little harsh, isn’t it?’  And my answer to you is, well….NO.  I guess I’m sick and tired of some professional athletes getting themselves caught up in this kind of trouble.  Whether its a strip club shooting, an ex-girlfriend murdering you in jealous rage, or potentially choking an MTV star, I wish that time would be invested in more useful ways.  Volunteer for a Boys and Girls Club.  Start your own business.  Watch a movie in the privacy of your own home.  Go sing lame karaoke with your friends.  Shave your eyebrows.

But don’t…….go ANYWHERE…….near……..Tequila!!!


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