USC and the Big-10 Curse

USC Ohio St Football

Yawn.  It happened yet again.  In USC’s defeat of Ohio State on Saturday, it became the 9th consecutive matchup that a Big 10 team hasn’t been able to pull off the victory over So Cal.  Thats right, you heard me!  If you don’t believe me, look below:

1998: USC 27 – Purdue 17

2000: USC 29 – Penn State 5

2002: USC 38 – Iowa 17

2003: USC 28 – Michigan 14

2006: USC 32 – Michigan 18

2007: USC 49 – Illinois 17

2008: USC 35 – Ohio State 3

2008: USC 38 – Penn State 24

2009: USC 18 – Ohio State 15

The game was relatively close up until the last drive of the 4th quarter, when USC came to life.  Quarterback Matt Barkley put together an impressive 86 yard drive that also guzzled 6:10 off the clock.  He started on their own 4 yard line and was able to work his way across the field for a touchdown and the 2 point conversion.  This game said something about USC QB freshman Barkley.  To go into the Horseshoe and steal a game from the hungry Buckeyes is hard for any team to do, let alone a freshman who has no experience against the top 25.

The Buckeyes will have to mope their way through the regular season, and some how prove to others that they aren’t just a Big-10 bully.  After seeing today’s performance from the Wolverines, the momentum has swung in their favor.  Tonight’s matchup was exciting, but not shocking to see the results.  The next matchup for the Trojans will be at Washington, while the Buckeyes will most likely cruise to victory against Toledo.  College football season is here folks, get excited!!

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