Jay Cutler, or Jay “Choke”ler?

Bears Packers Football

Dear Chicago Bears Management,

In 2006, I remember sitting in my living room and watching Rex Grossman throw 6 interceptions in a Monday Night game against the Arizona Cardinals.  Amazingly, the Bears still came back to win, because of their unstoppable defense and special teams.  Ultimately, they made it to the Super Bowl because of their defense and special teams, and lost because of their quarterback.  So now, in 2009, when I hear that Jay Cutler was going to become the Chicago Bears starting quarterback, I flipped a jig.  I quivered with anticipation for the opener against the Packers, because I knew it would be a powerful, unforgettable display of offensive ability complemented by a ferocious Bear’s defense that would ultimately pummel the Packers into the ground.  But…instead…your precious Cutler gives us…….FOUR INTERCEPTIONS??  Are you telling me, that you would let a pro-bowl caliber Quarterback walk into Lambeau and throw with a 43.2 rating, only 1 touchdown, and again…FOUR INTERCEPTIONS?  Did Cutler not realize that the Green Bay secondary is not his wide receivers?  I mean, the Bears WRs aren’t that good, but seriously.  And Matt Forte?  55 yards rushing?  Please.  I am almost ready to go back into hibernation for another year.  Make the bleeding stop!


A concerned Bears fan.


2 Responses to “Jay Cutler, or Jay “Choke”ler?”

  1. You could always become a Packer fan. We welcome all kinds. 🙂

  2. You have to be somewhat encouraged by the defense. Without 2/3 of their starting LBs they made the Green Bay offense look inept for 58 minutes. I thought their defense was on the decline. It looks to me that Lovie taking the reigns will make a huge difference.

    Cutler is Cutler and always will be. He’s too proud to accept coaching.
    He will win you about as many games as he’ll lose you. His career record shows as much.

    He definitely lost that one on Sunday night.

    My perdiction is that he’ll play a near flawless game against Pittsburg and everyone in Chicago will jump right back on the bandwagon.

    Go Packers!

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