If Kanye West were a sport…


Kanye West.  Hearing that name is like hearing someone’s nails scratching down the chalkboard.  Its like that rattling noise you can’t find when you’re driving in the car on a road trip.  Hearing Kanye’s name is like having to listen to Carrot-top or Kathy Griffen, even just for a minute.  We all probably know what went down last night at the MTV VMA awards.  Kanye walked up and interrupted country singer Taylor Swift in the middle of her award acceptance speech, and he basically told the audience that Beyonce was the one who should’ve gotten the award.  This is a sports blog, so I am going to tie this post with sports…..and Kanye West….

If Kanye West were in baseball, he would be the pitcher who would intentionally throw a ball at a batter’s head just because he felt like it.

If Kanye West were in football, he would be like Albert Haynesworth, who stepped on some guy’s head with his cleat, when he was down on the ground.

If Kanye West were in basketball, he would be like Bill Lame-beer, Danny Ferry, or Xavier McDaniel.  Extremely annoying and all dirty players.

If Kanye West were in soccer, he would be like Zidane, who head butted that Italian player in the last World Cup.

If Kanye West were in golf, he would be the sand trap – always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If Kanye West were Ultimate Fighting, he’d always be the first to tap out.

I think I’ve made my point.  Kanye, we’re all sick of you.  Go away!


One Response to “If Kanye West were a sport…”

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