Lane Kiffin the loose cannon

Tennessee Spring FootballThe college football season is here!  The bright red F-150’s are rumbling around Atlanta with a gazillion Georgia ‘Dawg flags fluttering in the wind.  Brent Musburger stands in front of his mirror practicing the word “Buckeyes” as he anxiously awaits the first kickoff.  The nerdy college marching bands trudge around the field playing themes from Lord of the Rings.  And Lane Kiffin, first year head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers is blowing hot smoke on a regular basis, specifically towards the mighty Urban Meyer, head coach of the Gators.

It all started at Kiffin’s first press conference in Knoxville when he hinted at beating Florida.  “I’m looking forward to singing ‘Rocky Top’ all night long after we beat em’.  It will be a blast.”  In February, Kiffin got all up in Meyer’s grill when he said the following about Meyer’s attempt to recruit Nu’Keese Richardson, who signed with Tennessee: “I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and he still didn’t get him”.  Kiffin was reprimanded by the SEC because what Meyer did was not a violation.  The best part came a week later, when Kiffin made his OWN violation by speaking of a recruit’s talents on the radio.

The drama goes on and on….  After Florida defeated Tennessee last week (No Rocky Top for Kiffin), Meyer commented on his bewilderment of Kiffin’s conservative offensive approach. “When I saw them handing the ball off, I didn’t feel that they were going after the win…They wanted to shorten the game.  I remember looking out there and there’s 10 minutes left in the game and there’s no no-huddle, they are down, I think it was 23-6 and [there’s no] urgency”. Kiffin defended his offense by saying “The way we lose a game there is throw an interception. Why put yourself in that position? Lets find a way to win the game. We’re not trying to impress the pollsters. We’re trying to win the game. Alot of it had to do with the way they were playing. It made our life feel a little easier”.  Kiffin then took another jab at Meyer when he was asked if the Volunteers were worried about the flu that had hit the Gators. “I don’t know. I guess we’ll wait and after we’re not excited about a performance, we’ll tell you everybody was sick”.

What Kiffin doesn’t realize is that his big mouth doesn’t win games.  And this is evident of his Vols’ 1-2 record thus far.  Part of what has allowed Meyer to win 2 national championships is his candor and classy-ness, two things that Kiffin will have to work at.  Lets face it, we all love a coach or player that speaks passionately about his team.  And this is something that Kiffin has.  And every once in a while, a fiesty comment won’t do any harm to anyone.     But for now, Kiffin better keep his rocky mouth shut if he wants to start singing Rocky Top all night long.


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