Milton Bradley gets traded to Seattle

For all of you Cubs fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief. AAAAAAAAAAAAH. Milton Bradley is no longer a Cub, and was traded to the Seattle Mariners, in return for starting pitcher Carlos Silva and cash. Is Carlos Silva a promising Cy Young candidate? Probably not. Does he have a fetish for temper tantrums and throwing things? NO. In my mind, this was a fabulous trade by the Cubs. It freed up a well-documented chemistry killer and also gave them some more fiscal flexibility.

I wish Bradley good luck with his career in Seattle. I also wish the best for all of the water coolers in the Mariner’s dugout. May Bradley show you grace and mercy after he strikes out.


One Response to “Milton Bradley gets traded to Seattle”

  1. baseball season is over. its football season…well, i guess football season is over for the bears. but the rest of us with competitive teams are still in football season

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