Miguel Cabrera on road to recovery

Tiger Woods is a sex addict.  John Edwards has a 2 year old daughter with his videographer (shocking).  Mark McGwire really did take steroids (gasp).  In the midst of all of the public scandals in sports and politics, its nice to see a story of redemption every once in awhile.  I am so hesitant to even turn on the news because negativity is often in the spotlight, and causes nothing but fear.  But I’m glad to hear that Miguel Cabrera, first-baseman for the Detroit Tigers, has successfully completed 3 months of rehab for his alcohol abuse.  I am a huge believer of rehab.  Whether its physical, mental, spiritual, substance abuse, etc.  We all have dysfunction, its just some of us decide to actually deal with it.

Cabrera’s issues became public last October when he became drunk late one night and came home to scuffle with his wife.  Fortunately she called the police, and fortunately he was sent to the police station.  Ok, so Cabrera made a poor decision.  He had too much to drink, said some things he shouldn’t have, and let his entire team down.  BUT, he chose to do something about it.  Cabrera says that he hasn’t had a drink since that fateful night when he was hanging out with Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.  Good for him.

My hope for Cabrera, is that he stays off the bottle and focuses on his game.  He is such a talented athlete, a lifetime .311 avg, 209 HR.  I can only hope that Cabrera will be a motivation to other baseball players who struggle with the same issues.  Side note: Cabrera currently has a contract with the Tigers that is over $152 million.  Why would someone in the athletic spotlight with that much money choose to waste his time and energy on the bottle?  Why does misery seem to follow money? Weird.


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