ESPN Loves Brett Favre

As I sit watching the latest episode of Man vs. Food, I couldn’t help but notice the headline on  It is……brace yourselves……about Brett Favre.  If you haven’t heard, he is returning to the Minnesota Vikings because he feels that “I owe it to the Vikes” to return.  This is really no surprise.  It was just last month that multiple news outlets reported that Brett Favre was actually retiring, and by multiple news outlets I mean the dum dums at ESPN.   I’m not a journalist by any sense of the word.  But it does irritate me that ESPN has become so relative in its reporting.  a couple of weeks ago, ESPN stated that according to “multiple reports”, Favre was going to retire.  Now, it has been made public that Brett Favre IS coming back.  Again, I must reference the ingenious Onion article about Favre from 2008.  How is it that a satirical newspaper becomes more credible than ESPN?  Perhaps there should have been “The Decision” part 2, where Brett Favre stands on stage and ping pongs back and forth about his impending retirement next to the abrasive Jim Gray.  I think the big question is, what is sports journalism?  Is it beating a dead horse in the ground about Brett Favre, A-Rod, the Yankees, or the Patriots?  Or is it simply reporting the sports news, with balanced, RELIABLE, and verified stories?  I don’t know, but I am switching to Sports Illustrated.


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