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NBC Commentators: What were they THINKING?

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As the Summer Olympics is winding to a close, the athletes take a moment and reflect their time in Beijing.  Some will walk away with Gold medals.  Others will receive the Silver or Bronze, and will be disappointed, but not ashamed.  Other athletes will walk away with no medals, and a horrific memory of a fall, hesitation, or miss that kept them from the medal podium.  But then there will be the athletes who were interviewed by Andrea Kremer and other field commentators of NBC.  These athletes will have nightmares in years to come over the rude and downright stupid comments made by her and others during the Olympics.  It seems as if the NBC brass got together and told all of their field commentators to think of the most rude and personal question that you could ask someone who just lost a Gold medal.  They might as well just chuck a pie into the face of the athlete. 

Below is a few “paraphrased” interviews by the NBC field commentators:

NBC Commentator Andrea Kremer to Brendan Hansen, U.S. swimmer:

Andrea Kremer: Brendan, what happened?  You just finished that preliminary race in 4th place.  Why finish so slow?

Hansen: Well, its only a preliminary match, and I gotta keep my poker hand to myself until the final.

Andrea Kremer: I’m not a poker player, so I don’t know how that works.


Andrea Kremer to Natalie Coughlin, U.S. Olympic swimmer:

Kremer: The guys are talking about how you are going so close to the lane line, what is going on for you?

Coughlin: That is the last thing going through my mind, I am not trying to worry about that…that time is exactly where I want to be going to the finals tomorrow, I just need to warm down and worry about my 400IM tonight…

Kremer: Is there anything you are seeing or not seeing, able to focus on in the Cube here that is causing you to shift over there?

Coughlin: (nervous laugh) No it is nothing specific, bad habit I guess…


NBC Commentator to Justin Gardiner, after losing out on the Gold Medal in the Men’s 400M:

NBC: Justin, what happened at that race?

Justin: I don’t know, I tried to run my hardest, but came up short I guess.

NBC: Justin, does changing coaches over the last few months have anything to do with you not getting the Gold?  I mean, you won the last Gold medal with your old coach.

Justin: I’m done, I don’t want to talk anymore.


NBC Commentator to U.S. Men’s 4×400 track and field relay team:

NBC: How did you feel after that semi-final run?

Relay Team: We felt pretty good.  Its great to finish the race so well.

NBC: Yes, and it was great to see that this time, you actually held onto the baton.

Relay Team: Awkward laugh and smile.

Those are just a few examples, but seriously, what would be the benefit of a field commentator pouring gasoline on the fire with their lousy interview questions?  They might as well ask what color underwear they are wearing, or they might as well say “boy, you sure ran like poop”.  So give yourself a paper cut and pour lemon juice on it, or slide down a razor blade into a pool of iodine.  Thats about how offensive some of the NBC field commentating has been this year.


Addiction Test 2.0 – The Olympics

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Well, we find ourselves in the last few days of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Many of you out there are probably wondering how you’re going to cope with the conclusion.  You’re probably worried about the inevitable shakes and cravings that will come sometime next week when you need the gold medal fix and can’t get it.  You’re probably dreading having to go back to….regularly scheduled programming.  Oh the humanity!

Not sure if you’re one of those people? Well, the Betty Ford Clinic may be too expensive (and too full) for you to get yourself checked out, but the good news is that I’ve come up with another easy test to help determine if you’re addicted to the Olympics. 

1.  When you make it to work 3 seconds earlier than your coworker you think you blew them out of the water.

2.  When your friends ask you what you did that day, you wheel in a TV and play a short movie that recaps your day in dramatic slow-motion and highlights a tear-jerking story about how Subway was out of your favorite bread that day.

3.  In an effort to get ready quicker in the morning, you wear the Speedo LZR in the shower.

4.  At lunch, you ask a coworker to be your partner in synchronized eating.

5.  Every morning you not only jump out of bed, but you stick the landing too. 

6.  When you’re waiting for a light to turn green you just keep muttering to yourself, “no false start….no false start.”

7.  Before you get ready to use the computer you put chalk on your hands.

8.  Each morning for breakfast you have a bowl of porridge; three fried egg sandwiches with fried onion, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise; a five-egg omelette; three slices of French toast; a stack of chocolate chip pancakes; and two large cups of coffee.

9.  When you’re boss asks you why you haven’t finished a project, you say it’s a marathon not a sprint and you’re conserving your energy.

10.  Before you make any decision you ask yourself, “What would Bob Costas think?”

If any of those are you, then you’re going to have Olympic withdrawal next week.