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ESPN Loves Brett Favre

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As I sit watching the latest episode of Man vs. Food, I couldn’t help but notice the headline on  It is……brace yourselves……about Brett Favre.  If you haven’t heard, he is returning to the Minnesota Vikings because he feels that “I owe it to the Vikes” to return.  This is really no surprise.  It was just last month that multiple news outlets reported that Brett Favre was actually retiring, and by multiple news outlets I mean the dum dums at ESPN.   I’m not a journalist by any sense of the word.  But it does irritate me that ESPN has become so relative in its reporting.  a couple of weeks ago, ESPN stated that according to “multiple reports”, Favre was going to retire.  Now, it has been made public that Brett Favre IS coming back.  Again, I must reference the ingenious Onion article about Favre from 2008.  How is it that a satirical newspaper becomes more credible than ESPN?  Perhaps there should have been “The Decision” part 2, where Brett Favre stands on stage and ping pongs back and forth about his impending retirement next to the abrasive Jim Gray.  I think the big question is, what is sports journalism?  Is it beating a dead horse in the ground about Brett Favre, A-Rod, the Yankees, or the Patriots?  Or is it simply reporting the sports news, with balanced, RELIABLE, and verified stories?  I don’t know, but I am switching to Sports Illustrated.


Favre-Fetched Return

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Not……AGAIN!  Folks, we have officially seen it all in sports.  Let me get this straight.  First, Brett Favre threw his supposed last pass at the end of the 2006 season against the Bears at Soldier Field.  Fighting back tears on the field, Favre said he wasn’t sure if that was his last game.  The off-season came and went, and Favre decided to come back for another season.  In 2007, Favre led the Packers to a 13-3 season, he threw for over 4,000 yards, and led the Packers to the NFC Championship, where they lost by 3 points.  After the 2007 season, Favre said he was retiring.  But then he tried to come back to the Packers for the 2008 season.  The Packers brass said, “not so fast” and essentially gave him the cold shoulder.  So Favre decides to play for the New York Jets.  After a disappointing finish to the 2008 season with the Jets (didn’t make the playoffs), Favre retired again.  And then he came back to try out with the Vikings for 2009.  And then he retired again.  And now he has signed a contract with the Vikings AGAIN!

From a statistical stand point, Favre has the entire deck of cards stacked against him.  He is 39.  He had major arm issues in the offseason.  No 39 year old QB has ever won a Super Bowl (that I can think of).  Beyond that, he will have to go play at Lambeau Field, where the cheeseheads will undoubtedly want to impale his head on a pole.  I don’t know what to make of this situation.  Actually I do.  I think Favre should stay retired.  He is risking becoming like Michael Jordan with the Wizards.  Like Harrison Ford in the 4th Indiana Jones installment.  And heaven forbid, like “that guy” who shows up at your high school prom, and you know he graduated like 3 years ago.  (what was he thinking?)  Packers fans must have let out a cheese-curdling scream today when they heard the news about Favre.

Honestly, I don’t know why there is all the hype about Favre.  But I can’t wait to see Urlacher sack him week 12 at the Metrodome!

A Favre Out Scenario

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Brett Favre is back.  “For what reason?” you ask…  Well, that is still to be determined.  Barring a disaster, Favre should be back for a 17th year as the starting QB for the Packers, but he’ll at least have to compete for his job.  The competition will involve, and I’m not making this up, a 1 minute cheese curds eating competition, as well as a test to see how quickly Favre’s beard grows back when he shaves.  Favre will be officially reinstated by the Packers today at 1:00PM ET.

The whole Favre-gate drama changed from just weeks ago when Packers GM AND head coach said that Aaron Rodgers would be the starting QB, period.  Now, Packer’s President announced (with his tail between his legs) that “having crossed the Rubicon once when Brett decided to retire, it’s very difficult to reorient our plans and cross it again in the opposite direction — BUT we’ll put this to our advantage”.  “PUT THIS TO OUR ADVANTAGE”???  That is putting it lightly.  Once you set aside the fact that Favre probably went against his word and also called the Packer’s bluff, this will only put the Packers from a Rodger’s led last place finish to another NFC North title.  

From a statistical standpoint, having Favre back will only make the Packers better.  He just came off a year in which he threw over 4000 yards for the first time since ’99.  Sure, it may take a couple of weeks for the team to rally around their old leader, but once they step foot into Lambeau, the green and yellow blood will get moving again.  Supposedly, it is still up in the air as to whether or not Favre or Rodgers will take the starting QB job.  Even if Rodgers gets the starting job, it’ll only take a couple of sacks before the face-planted Rodgers will be wheeled off the field and Favre will take over.

There still is a slight chance that another team could trade for Favre, but why would the Packers give him up?  They already have dejectedly “invited him” to training camp.  They might as well just let the man play.  If he plays horribly, then the Packers can chuckle at Favre’s misfortune.  If Favre plays well, then the Packer’s brass looks great, because they showed the Green Bay faithful that winning was their greatest desire for the season. 

The Onion Newspaper put it best when their headline read: “Favre: I’ve always had a passion for stopping things, then starting to do things again”.  Give this headline a read – it is funny and has alot of truth to it.  But Favre will be back for another season, whether the Packers like it or not!

Brett Favre – another comeback?

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ESPN’s Chris Mortenson reported Thursday that Brett Favre could be interested in coming back for another year as the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.  He evidently spoke to the head coach of the Packers about a potential return.  Mississippi’s Sun Herald approached Favre about this possibility and Favre said “It’s all rumor”.  As many of you can remember, Favre did they same thing to a lesser degree before the Bears vs. Colts Super Bowl in 2007.   After beating the Chicago Bears in the regular season finale, Favre gave an emotional tv interview where it was unclear whether he’d return or not.  As we all know, he ended up returning, and led the Packers to the playoffs.

What is to make of Favre wanting to comeback to Green Bay for another season?  Last year, Favre threw for 4155 yards, the best since 1998.  His completion percentage at 66.5 was the best in his career.  His QB rating was the best since 1996.  He also led the Green Bay Packers to a NFC North Division Title.  If Favre were to comeback, he could easily repeat these numbers like many years before.  Enter a second storyline.  Aaron Rodgers, the heralded future quarterback of the Packers, was recently interviewed in Sports Illustrated.  Rodgers said the following of the Packer fans: “I don’t feel I need to sell myself to the fans.  They need to get on board now or keep their mouths shut.”  This may not be the way to handle the beloved cheeseheads, who will have rather high expectations for their new quarterback.  Rodgers attempted to backtrack his comments by saying, “I do care deeply about the fans and I think anybody who has been to training camp and sees I’m a lot of times the last one out signing autographs sees I care about their opinions”.  He later added that he didn’t want anyone to be offended by his previous comments.   

With the foolish comments from Rodgers, would the fans be willing to embrace Favre for another year?  On one hand, fans could relive another year of hype with Favre at the reigns.  On the other hand, could Favre’s legacy be at risk?  Should he return, and should the Packers play poorly, then his return would be an embarassment, and he may have to consider playing ANOTHER year to make up for his poor comeback year.  A team source said the following: “That’s speculation and I wouldn’t go there.  We value Brett’s legacy, we think he values it, and we’d want to protect that.  Brett’s a high quality person and he’s not going to push it that far.  He’ll do the right thing and stay retired.  This was almost predictable, the idea that Brett woul get the itch to play as we get closer to the season.” 

You’ll have to read the articles yourself to make up your mind on this one.  Personally, I feel that Favre should stay retired.  Their whole team has developed a new offense for Aaron Rodgers, and there would be some “huddle tension” that would need to be worked out if Favre came back.  On top of that, I feel that this paints Favre in a poor light.  He already made a decision that he was retiring, the Packers have planned accordingly.  The fans have already finished their grieving, and I’m sure several fans have given up their season tickets because Favre retired.  Now do you think they’ll call up the Packers and demand their season tickets back, should Favre return?

I know I am biased since I am a Bear fan.  But Favre should retire, to avoid making himself look foolish.  Brett, let your legacy stand and hang up your cleats!