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South Carolina Smackdown

Posted in NCAA Football with tags , , , , on October 21, 2008 by twonateshow

I think we can all agree that football referees can make bad calls.  In fact, it is not out of the question for a referee to make at least one bad call a game.  We have even witnessed a NBA referee getting jail time for betting on NBA games.  But what happens when an NCAA football referee attempts to tackle the South Carolina quarterback DURING a game, an actual live GAME?  IF you dont believe me, watch the video below.

See what I mean?  Let me say that I am a Big Ten fan.  Since moving to the dirty south, I have had trouble getting interested in the SEC (I know I know, SORRY!)  But this particular story peaked my interest – maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel for me.  I would love to see this particular referee come up with an excuse.  It is impossible for a referee to come up with an excuse, considering that a referee is never going to hit a player during a game.  Perhaps the QB stole his whistle?  The ref must have had money on LSU.  Either that, or the other refs bet him $1000 to hit one of the players.  Or maybe he found out the QB watches Gossip Girl.  In any case, something clearly needs to be addressed by the NCAA officials.

I am scratching my head on this one.  Anyone know something I don’t know?


Are You ‘Nuts’

Posted in 1 with tags , , , , , , on August 27, 2008 by nathanjzacharias

Two years ago, I probably would have been burned at the stake for saying what I’m about to say: Ohio State is overrated.  However, this year, I’m pretty sure that most people (outside of Columbus, OH, that is) will probably agree with me. 

I’m not saying they don’t have a ton of talent.  They do.  There’s no doubt they are a great team.  But are they the #2 team in the country (according to the AP poll)?

A quick look at the their schedule shows the Buckeyes playing 4 teams that are currently ranked.  The highest ranked opponent is of course USC, who is sitting at the #3 spot.  After that, the next highest teams drops to 13, and then the last two are at 20th and 22nd.  In other years a Big Eleven Ten Conference schedule would have been pretty brutal.  This just isn’t that year. 

And even USC is only scheduled to play 3 ranked teams (again, based on current rankings).

Contrast that to the #1 Bulldogs, who play 6 ranked teams, with three of those being in the top 10.  The SEC schedule is so tough, that it’s highly unlikely for any team in the Conference to come out the regular season unscathed.  And that may cost Georgia a chance to play in the Championship game, depending on if they lose and when.  

In OSU’s case, many analysts are saying the only opponent that could give them a true challenge is USC.  And if they win that they’ll likely end the season as the #1 ranked team.  

But I would argue that a one or two loss team like Georgia, or even Florida as much as it pains me to say it, is a better team than the Buckeyes.  Those teams will have to defeat much tougher competition to even stay in National Championship contention. 

And I think the last two years that an #1 Buckeye team is over matched when they play the SEC Champion. 

OSU is a great program with a great team and a great coach.  But I think their ranking is just too high, and I will join a lot of people in being disappointed if they play in the Championship game this year.