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Brady vs. Rex = Bradysaurus Rex

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The NFL regular season hasn’t even begun and the Patriots and Jets are already sparring.  When Tom Brady appeared on a local Boston radio’s morning show, he was asked about the Jets’ appearance in the HBO series “Hard Knocks”.  “Honestly, I haven’t turned it on, I hate the Jets so I refuse to support the show”.  Rex Ryan replied with “He knows we hate the Patriots, so whats the difference?”  It was a surprise to see Tom Brady react in the way he did.  The Pats are used to remaining tight lipped about such issues, and they clearly stated as much when asked about the situation.  Tully Banta-Cain, an OLB for the Pats, said the following: “We just can’t focus on what they’re doing on TV, we have to focus on what they’re doing on Sundays”.  Its evident why Brady hates the Jets so much.  The Jets were brilliant with the pass rush last year.  They not only blitzed on Brady, but they did so roughly 6 times more than any other team they played against in 2009, and held Brady to an approximate 50 QB rating.

This little “riff-raff” over the airwaves will surely make for a strongly anticipated match-up between the Pats and Jets, which will take place week 2 at the Jets home turf.  They will face off again during week 13 on Monday night in Boston.  Last year, the Jets eeked out the victory during their first match-up, while the Pats drubbed the Jets in the second match-up 31-14.  The addition of Jason Taylor to the Jets defense will only improve their pass rush against Brady.  He can guarantee that they’ll be going after his legs all game long.

Can’t we all just get along?  Maybe Brady and Ryan can learn from our favorite purple friend…


Big Talkers

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“Talk is cheap” according to Tom Brady, and I agree with him.  Whenever you get a group of 250 pound men on the field that are pumped up and ready to rumble, its a guarantee that there is going to be some trash talk ON the field.  But it becomes an issue when it happens BEFORE a game.  We all have heard the locker room clips on ESPN from an athlete who guarantees a win for the next game.  Either that, or they promise to knock the crap out of the opposing QB.  For example, Jon Kitna.  2007.  Radio Interview.  He said “I’ll keep to myself what I think we actually will win.  But its more than 10 games”.  OOPS!  The Lions ended the season with a 7-9 record.  And then there was the famous Hollywood Henderson quote at media day before Super Bowl XIII.  He said that Terry Bradshaw was so dumb that he couldn’t spell “cat” if he was spotted the “c” and the “a”.  Well, throwing over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns, is that dumb?  Ouch.

Some fresh trash talk happened this week, when free safety Kerry Rhodes of the New York Jets said he wants to “embarass” the Patriots on Sunday.  “You go out from the first quarter on, from the first play on, and try to embarass them.  Not just go out there and try to win, try to embarass them.  Try to make them feel bad when they leave here. ”  And then Rhodes went on to talk about the Jets approach to Tom Brady. “We will hit him more than six times, I promise you that… Any quarterback can be rattled”  When Brady was asked about the trash talk from Rhodes, he said “I think we follow the lead of our head coach.  I think because we feel a certain way, we dont necessarily need to tell everybody about it.  I mean, we’re confident.  We have as much confidence as most teams in this league”. Head coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets went one step further by saying the following during a New York radio interview: “I never came here to kiss Bill Belichick’s rings. I came to win, lets put it that way. So we’ll see what happens. I’m certainly not intimidated by New England or anybody else”.   This is coming from a guy that has never coached a game in the NFL.

In my “humble” opinion, I think Rhodes and the Jets should shut up.  Not because they’re supposed to be classy, or because it is sportsmanlike, but because they need to save face, and avoid looking like idiots.  Don’t get me wrong, the NFL isn’t about being a gentleman or a diplomat.  Its about entertainment, intimidation, and adrenaline.  But when a player’s arrogance peeks out prior to a game, it opens the door for some major vulnerability, not only to himself but to the whole team.  The so called “bulletin board material” adds up, and then teams like the New England Patriots beat you 56-10.  I’m not saying the Patriots are going to whip the Jets by that much.  But the Jets better have eaten their Wheaties before Sunday’s match up!  I won’t be surprised if Tom Brady throws 5 or 6 touchdowns.  And lets not even talk about what their D-line will do to Mark Sanchez!