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Trouble with Tequila

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All it takes is one “shot of love” with Tequila to get into a load of trouble.  Tila Tequila, that is.  By now, you’ve probably read the ridiculous drama that has been going on between San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman and MTV star Tila Tequila (Nguyen).  First of all, let me promise you that I haven’t changed my blog to focus on Hollywood Gossip (If you can even categorize Tequila with Hollywood).  I am writing this post to prove a point that some athletes continue to associate themselves with the riskiest (and most annoying) people.

A basic summary of the conflict is that Shawne Merriman was arrested after Tila Tequila claims that he choked and restrained her when she tried to leave his home.  Shawne claims that Tila was drunk, and was attempting to leave his house so that she could drive.   He said he was trying to act in her best interest to protect her from making a bad decision.  Since the incident, Tila has been persistently twittering about the situation, even going as far as saying that she is meeting with the San Diego District’s Attorney to discuss the matter.  The DA has since denied the claim and has said that there is no meeting scheduled with Tequila.

I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not in law enforcement, so I can’t make a solid argument, one way or another, as to who is guilty and who is not guilty.  But what I am going to say goes directly towards Merriman: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH LOSERS!  Not only could it make you one, but it could also put your career and reputation at risk.  Some of you may be thinking, ‘Elwell, calling someone a loser is a little harsh, isn’t it?’  And my answer to you is, well….NO.  I guess I’m sick and tired of some professional athletes getting themselves caught up in this kind of trouble.  Whether its a strip club shooting, an ex-girlfriend murdering you in jealous rage, or potentially choking an MTV star, I wish that time would be invested in more useful ways.  Volunteer for a Boys and Girls Club.  Start your own business.  Watch a movie in the privacy of your own home.  Go sing lame karaoke with your friends.  Shave your eyebrows.

But don’t…….go ANYWHERE…….near……..Tequila!!!



Playoff Weekend

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ravens1 vs. titans cardinals1 vs. panthers

eagles1 vs. giants chargers1 vs. steelers

Last week, probably one of the funniest articles on the accurate was published.  For those of you that haven’t read the onion, it provides hours of chuckling with mock articles of varying degree such as: “American Airlines Now Charging Fees for Non Passengers” and “$700 Billion Bailout Celebrated with Lavish $800 Billion executive party“.  So I couldn’t help practically losing my lunch laughing when I read this week: “LaDanian Tomlinson to Play Next Week Without a Groin“.  With humor and satire, The Onion actually chose a title that draws some truth.  Although LT won’t be playing without a groin, there is some doubt that he’ll be playing at all.  Lets mow through this weeks matchups and predict who the winners and losers will be (ahem, last weekend I was 2-2 with the exact score guessed correctly in the Falcons/Cardinals matchup!!)

Ravens vs. Titans

The Ravens destroyed the Dolphins last week, thanks to their defense forcing 4 Pennington interceptions and 2 fumbles (1 recovered).  Look for the Ravens to do more of the same this week against the overrated Titans.  The Titans eeked out a win against the Ravens in the regular season, but the Ravens held Chris Johnson to 44 rushing yards.  I’m predicting that the Ravens will come up big yet again, and will stifle the Titan’s run offense.  There are only so many 150 yard passing games that Kerry Collins can pull off before it is too good to be true.

Final Score: Ravens 24 – Titans 17

Cardinals vs. Panthers

This matchup will feature two veteran QBs who have both appeared in the Super Bowl (Kurt Warner won, Jake Delhomme did not).  Look for there to be some major fireworks.  The Panthers will most certainly use their running game in DeAngelo Williams, but have receivers Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammed to go deep.  Kurt Warner will use his experience to go to Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin frequently (as long as Boldin’s hammy holds up).  The Cardinals are only 2-6 against the Panthers but lets face it, The Cards traditionally suck and haven’t had a team like this before.  I would like to see the Cardinals win, but my gut tells me that the Panthers will pull out the victory.

Final Score: Panthers 34 – Cardinals 23

Eagles vs. Giants

In perhaps the most exciting matchup in this year’s playoffs, so the Eagles will travel to the Meadowlands to face the defending Super Bowl Champions.  The Eagles are running on adrenaline, after miraculously making it into the playoffs, and stunning the Vikings at home last week.  The Eagles handed the Giants one of their 4 losses this year, and the Giants only barely scratched out a win against the Eagles in week 6.  The Giants are without Plaxico Burress (whoops) and will have to rely on other options.  Eli has had time to rest, but is it too long?  We will see.  I’m going to predict an upset.

Final Score: Eagles 23 – Giants 20

Chargers vs. Steelers

And here we come to the subject of the onion article above.  Will LT play or wont he?  Who really cares?  I doubt he would be much of a factor anyways.  With last weeks performance from Darren Sproles, we may need to go from LT to DS.  With 328 total yards and 2 touchdowns last week, Sproles left the Colt defense in the dust (and put LT in a cold sweat).  I salivate when I think about “what might have been” if Turner had stayed with the Chargers.  Could you imagine a Turner/Sproles combo?  Who would have thunk it.  And we have Big Ben.  His concussion 2 weeks ago could be a factor this weekend, although he has had time to rest.  The Steelers held off the Chargers in an 11-10 bore in regular season.  How will the Chargers fare this week?  I’m convinced that Philip Rivers will be at his finest, and has plenty of ammunition to work with.  The Chargers will keep it close, and will end up pulling out the victory at the end of the game.

Final Score: Chargers 30 – Steelers 27

Now go watch some football!

NFL Playoffs features birds of all kinds

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falconsvs.   cardinals coltsvs.  chargers

ravensvs. dolphins eagles vs. vikings

In the words of our pot smoking friend Dave Matthews, “This is the Last Stop” in our NFL season. On Saturday, the first two games of this year’s playoffs will begin  by showcasing the Falcons vs. Cardinals, and Colts vs. Chargers.  On Sunday it’ll be the Eagles vs. Vikings and Ravens vs. Dolphins. There is a lot of irony in the first round of match-ups. Let’s start by the fact that the combined win-loss record of all  of this weekend’s 8 playoff teams last year was an unimpressive 58-70.  Two teams (Falcons and Dolphins) won a combined 5 games.  Only 2 of the 8 teams actually had a winning record in 2007.  This year, things have changed for the better.  The combined win-loss record of the 8 teams is 81-46 (and 1 tie by the Eagles).  The Falcons and Dolphins combined for 23 wins, which is more than 4x greater than last season (with 2 new head coaches and starting QBs, this is not surprising).  Another startling fact is that 2 of the 8 Quarterbacks are rookies (Matt Ryan of the Falcons and Joe Flacco of the Ravens).  Now lets look at the individual match-ups, and I’ll make predictions on the outcome (disclaimer: If you should bet on any game based on my predictions and lose, too bad.)

Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals

We are looking at two teams that haven’t been in the playoffs for quite some time (3 years for the Falcons, 9 years for the Cardinals).  They have never faced each other in the playoffs, and the Cardinals have a 14-10 record against the Falcons in regular season history.  This past season, the Cardinals had a 6-2 record at home while the Falcons had a 4-4 record away.  In the postseason, the Cardinals have a 2-5 record with 1 championship, and the Falcons have a 6-8 record with a Super Bowl appearance but no ring.   The Cardinals have 2 powerhouse receivers in Boldin and Fitzgerald, plus a Super Bowl winning quarterback in Kurt Warner.  The Falcons have arguably one of the best rushers in the NFL in Michael Turner, and the Offensive Rookie of the Year quarterback Matt Ryan.

In my opinion, the offensive power of the Cardinals plus the home crowd starving for a playoff game will be too much to handle for the Falcons.

The final score: Cardinals 30 – Falcons 24 (sorry other Nate!)

Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers

We go from 2 inexperienced playoff teams to 2 veteran playoff teams in the Colts-Chargers.  Look for an exciting game full of offensive explosiveness, with two of the weakest defenses out of the 12 playoff teams.  The Colts have a 9 game winning streak, Peyton Manning won his 3rd league MVP, and lets not even talk about all the options Manning has to pass to (Wayne, Harrison, Gonzalez, Clark).  Manning will undoubtedly use Dallas Clark, who was the #1 tight end receiver in the NFL this year (up for debate, but not really).  This will keep the Charger’s secondary on their heels, with too many options for Manning to choose from.  The Colts have a 17-17 record in the playoffs with 4 championships/super bowls under their belt.  They have faced the Chargers twice in the playoffs with a 1-1 record (they lost last year at home).  Their regular season record against the Chargers is 9-14.  The Chargers have Philip Rivers, LT, Antonio Gates, and Vincent Jackson.  Their playoff record is 9-14, and they have 1 championship/superbowl to be proud of.  The Chargers ended the regular season with a 4 game winning streak, and beat incredible odds after being behind by 3 games in their division with 3 games to go.  (ahem….cough….choke….BRONCOS).  So needless to say, both teams have the momentum going into the playoffs.  The Chargers have home field advantage, and the Colts probably have the playoff experience.

In my opinion, the Colts will end up victorious in this classic playoff match-up

The final score: Colts 38 – Chargers 23

Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins

First of all, let me say to pretty boy Jason Taylor: Sucks to be you!  I wish you were still a Dolphin.  Whoever predicted these two teams to face each other in the playoffs this year are crazy.  “Why?” You should ask?  Both teams had losing records last year (combined 6 wins between both teams), both teams fired their head coaches, and now have 2 different starting quarterbacks, one of which is a rookie (Joe Flacco).  Last year, the Dolphins defeated the Ravens in the last regular season game for the Dolphins 1st win of 2007.  So all that to say, the Dolphins could repeat this feat, but only to advance to the next round of the playoffs.  For the Ravens we have one of the best defenses of the league (#3 in the league in opponents points, #2 for total yards, and #1 for opponent first downs).  My guess would be that the game could be low scoring.  Joe Flacco passed for just under 3000 yards in 2008, with 17 touchdowns.  Le’Ron McClain was their top rusher at 902 yards for the season, and Derrick Mason their top receiver with just over 1000 yards receiving.  Bottom line is the Ravens had one of the better rush offenses in the league, but one of the worst passing offenses in the league.  They’ll probably win the game if they succeed on the rushing attack (ahem, are you paying attention, Dolphins?).  And what about Chad Pennington, QB for the Dolphins?  Ironic that he should beat the team that gave him the boot for the AFC East crown AND a playoff spot (sorry Favre, you should have retired).  With a better than average rush and pass offense, the Dolphins should put up a pretty good fight.  Cracking the Raven defense will be the key.  And patience for Pennington will be important, as the Ravens lead the league in interceptions.  Look for Pennington to choose a wide variety of receivers (Cobbs, Ginn Jr., Camarillo, Bess), and to hand the ball off to both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.  The Dolphins have 20 playoff victories and 2 Super Bowl rings, while the Ravens have 5 playoff victories and 1 Super Bowl ring.

I’m going for the Dolphins, as they have a much more consistent offense than the Ravens.  If the Ravens had a more consistent passing game I may change my mind.

The final score: Dolphins 24 – Ravens 13

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings

This will be an exciting game for two teams whose playoff hopes went down to the last regular season game.  There will be a single deciding factor in this entire game: Adrian Peterson.  Will he show up with steady hands or butterfingers?  Peterson fumbled the ball 9 times this year.  This will be the key for a Vikings offense that ranked #25 in the league (the Lions were even better than the Vikings).  Look for Tarvaris Jackson to throw to Berrian, Wade, and Shiancoe.  Look for Donovan McNabb to come through in the clutch as he has in so many playoff games past.  With Brian Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, and nearly 7 other eligible receivers, McNabb will use a variety of offensive plays for sure.     With the #6 offense and the #4 defense in the league, look for the Eagles to stop Peterson dead in his tracks.

The final score: Eagles 26 – Vikings 20

So in summary:

The winners: Cardinals, Colts, Dolphins, Eagles

The losers: Falcons, Chargers, Ravens, Vikings

Enjoy watching the game, for those few souls who survived my torturous post.